Bills at Kansas City: Game Eleven Preview

Like two weeks ago against the Jets, this weekend could be an important game not just for the win but for the potential tiebreaker against another team right with the Bills in the standing.  The Herd Report's Editors Preview this pivotal AFC matchup.


The Kansas City Chiefs are a team on a roll. They have won four games in a row and have scored 33, 29, and 45 points in their last three games. Thought thier passing game is improved over last year (when they somehow failed to have a single touchdown by a wide receiver), the running game is still the Chief's strength, with a deep depth chart at the position. On top of that, Alex Smith can scramble, as he proved when he ran for 78 yards in London against the Lions. With Mario and Kyle Williams out and Marcell Dareus with a sore Knee, it is likely the outcome of the game with be determined simply by the effectiveness of the Kansas City running game. It seems optimistic to think that the Bills' hot and cold Offense will put up big points against a very good Chiefs' defense. Therefore, if KC has a big day on the ground against our depleted line, allowing them to control the clock and the pace of play, the Bills will likely lose even if the Chiefs only put up around 25 points. However, if the Bills' line steps up and forces Alex Smith and his iffy receivers to make big plays against Gilmore and Darby, the Bills will likely pull away with a win.


I think this Bills team thrives in the win-or-go-home type environment. They're willing to bend but will not break.  This isn't exactly that, but it's close.  I'm excited to see what they can do, especially after how great the defense looked last week.  Go Bills!


Injuries will either make or break this team on Sunday.  This game is a must win and it will show.  Tyrod will have to make big plays to make up for what didn't happen last week against the Pats. Be ready for the circling of a century, because this is going to be a game for the history books.


5-5 Bills versus the 5-5 Chiefs.  This is an important week and could help determine the second wildcard in the AFC.  This is a big week if Rex wants to deliver on his promise for a Buffalo Bills playoff return during his first year as coach of the team.  I think a win won't come easy but is 100% possible this week as long as the officiating isn't as bad a last week.  It should be better being that all of ESPN and media called out the NFL officiating this past week.  Personally, I'm going to watch this Thanksgiving weekend game just hoping we don't need any antacids during the game.


It seems like the Chiefs' game has been the make or break game for years now.  This year is no different.  I'm suspicious about Tyrod's injury and will be monitoring him closely to see how much it is really affecting his throws and decisions.  I would really like to see Charles Clay involved early and often.  To me, that is the best way to open up the opportunities for Sammy Watkins.