Bills at Patriots: Game Ten Preview

The Bills go back to back in primetime with a Monday Night Football matchup on the road against Tom Brady and the division-leading Patriots.  The Herd Report's Editors let you know what we think.  And what we think is that real men don't wear Uggs.  Take that, Brady.


I think that this game being on the road will benefit the Bills.  The players were too heated in week two and the distance from the expectant Buffalo crowd should offer less emotional urgency.  I expect to see a much more focused and discipline team on Monday.  I'll still take the Patriots if you force me to make a pick, but it should be a close game for the entire 60 minutes.


Every team that has played the Patriots this year has preached how they would be the ones to stop Rob Grownkowski.  Rex has said the same for the Bills.  If the Bills manage to accomplish that task, they will be the first this year and may very well also be the first to defeat New England.  That said, there is a reason nine previous opponents (including the Bills) have failed and that it is no easy task slowing someone of that strength and stature when a quarterback as accurate as Tome Brady is throwing to him.  Stopping the Gronk is one of two ways to cripple the Patriots. The other is to be the New York Giants.  The odds of both are about 1 in 30.  I wish Rex the best of luck.


I'm feeling like this will be a competitive road game for the Bills. The players seem awfully confident, which usually means a loss of some sort.  I don't care for the "we have a great plan" hyperbole.  It's the NFL and coaches use 80 hour work weeks to ensure that the game plans are sound.  While most are discussing how the Defense can keep Brady under 30 pts, this game will be won or lost on the Offensive side of the ball.  For once I would like to see a team try to gun it out with Brady.  The Patriots LOVE it when opponents play small ball to "keep games close."  Let's try to put them behind for once and make THEM the one dimensional team.


Another touchdown for Karlos Williams this week? Here's to hoping. And here's to also hoping for a pick six on Tom Brady.  Let's put our defense to the test.


A lot is on the line for Rex Ryan.  It's a bit of a do or die week for the Bills in order to make the playoffs.  The record for the Bills in foxboro is not great, but if we don't beat ourselves in penalties we might have a chance.  Regardless of the data I'm going to Billieve. Lastly, I'm calling a running touchdown from Tyrod.