A Rush of Color to the Head, Nike and the NFL Color Rush

A rush of blood to the head must have been what happened in the Nike office during the off season. Tonight the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets will play Thursday Night Football in what is being called "Color Rush" jerseys and I am seriously confused. No one seems to know what exactly Color Rush means, but hey everyone's doing it! If you just want to check out the uniforms, cool, simply scroll down below to see them. If you want to understand the meaning behind the jerseys, we'll get in line, me too. Feel free to keep reading. 

When I heard about the color rush jerseys I thought for sure there was going to be some meaning behind it. I guess I assumed this because color changes in the NFL almost always are tied to a cause. Especially coming off of all the pink being worn in the NFL during October for Breast Cancer Awareness. Also, camouflage for those who served during November. 

So I looked around the internet pretty hard and have to say I can't find a thing about it, other then the teams are going to wear one bold color for Thursday nights game. Nike's own page on it is down. The Bills website is "seeing red" but only has a video showing players in the jersey with no words at all as a deeper description. NFL.com only has an article basically saying the teams will play in colorful jerseys. So to be clear, and please correct me if I'm wrong in the comments (I hope I'm wrong to be honest) I am pretty sure this is just a marketing stunt from Nike and the NFL. 

I can't find any reason behind a "Color Rush" besides making the field at Metlife Stadium look like a green christmas tree field full of red and green lights bouncing around during the game tonight. I mean it's not the end of the world if the NFL is doing a color rush campaign in order to do nothing more than sell Jersey's. I expect that from the NFL.

Something bothers me for some reason though. If my whole city is going to get behind something, spend their hard earned money on gear, paint the whole city red, light up international bridges and it is all just for a marketing ploy to put more money in the pockets of the 32 owners, it just feels a bit empty. I just need to remind myself that this is the NFL we are talking about, so we should be used to things feeling empty. #Patriots