Bills at Jets: Game Nine Preview

The Bills have seen Miami and New England, but now it is time to pay our third divisional rival a visit in primetime.  With the Bills looking to get a second win in five days, the Herd Report's Editors give their takes on what to look for.


I want to feel good about this game.  I do.  But I don't and I can't.  The Bills' primetime record is worse than deplorable and Rex has already done too much talking for my liking.  Todd Bowles is a terrific coach who will definitely be considered for rookie coach of the year. He will have his team ready to play on Thursday night.  I can only hope that we are up to the challenge. Offensively, as much as it would be great to run the ball half as well as we did against the Fins, I think the game plan will be to throw early and often against a Jets team that is very strong against the run.  Keep an eye on Charles Clay for the Bills offensively.  Defensively, I'm conflicted. Chan Gailey's offenses always struggled against Ryan's defenses and I hope that trend continues. However, if Chan pulls on any film from the Miami game, he will see how badly we were gashed by the Dolphins' misdirection plays. This will need to be a point of emphasis in the Bills' game plan this week.  Go Bills.


I was in middle school and playing little league football.  The whole team got invited to play on the field inside Ralph Wilson Stadium.  After our scrimmage we changed and then took our seats in the endzone to watch the Bills play the Jets.  The chants of "J.E.T.S, J.E.T.S. Jets suck suck suck" echo'ed all around me in the end endzone.  These are two AFC East teams with a longstanding rivalry.  This week will be no different.  Rex Ryan is stiring the pot with his former employer.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing it cool preparing to bring his beard to bear against Buffalo.  And it's all going to happen on Thursday Night Football under the lights.  This is going to be an exciting week. - Let's Go Buffalo!


This has all the makings for the best TNF game of the year.  At least as far as ratings are concerned.  Rex is a master of advertisment.  It is obviously the game of the year to this point for the Bills.  I think the Bills do in fact win in this key game for Tyrod.  If he plays well and leads us to a victory, we will hear many of the same things fans said about Fitz before Buddy gave him the big contract.


One of the best run offenses (Bills) matched up against one of the best run defenses (Jets). It's going to be a battle and I'm confident in Buffalo's chances, especially with a hungry Rex Ryan on the sideline. Most anticipated Bills game since Patriots game? I think so.


IK Enemkpali is a co-captain for Thursday's game.  Is naming as captain a player who previously broke the opposing quarterback's Jaw hitting below the belt?  Yes.  Is it exactly what you'd expect from the big-mouthed Rex Ryan?  Yes.  Between Rex's return to New York and former Bill's quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick starting for the Jets, there is a lot of backstory for this game.  These are two teams that know a lot about each other and the winner will likely be the team that leverages that knowledge best.


This should be a fun one. Primetime... versus the Jets... a lot at stake... Rex's Return. It is time to see what our Bills are made of.  When the offense has been healthy, we've been good.  This is gut check time for the Bills.