Giants 24, Bills 10: THR's 2-Point Conversion

Today the Bills' nation saw that if you continue to shoot yourself in the foot, pretty soon you won't have a leg to stand on.  For more wise words, check out what our panel thought of today's game; not only do we each give our two points, but we guarantee our points never to be called back because of a dumb penalty.


  1. If you are offensive coordinator Greg Roman in the first half, what do you do?  You can't run the ball and no one is getting open enough in the second level for a young QB to hit.  Could Brady do it? Yes.  But Tyrod Taylor is not there yet.  So Roman goes to the two options he has left: low percentage deep balls or screen passes.  He tries both and gets nowhere.  This is one of those times where a team simply must be BETTER.  Individuals have to make the effort to get themselves open, or make a man miss on the second level, or actually hit the block that they are supposed to so their teammate can make a play.  When you only get the minimum possible result with every play, how do you expect to jump start an offense?  A lot of people will be talking about the discipline of the Bills today as it relates to penalties, but I'm hoping that Rex saves some time to talk about discipline as a synonym for work ethic.  The Bills looked like a team that simply need to work harder and focus better when they practice these plays during the week, so as to be able to execute the plays when they are given to them on Sunday.
  2. On the whole, the Bills' defense did an extremely respectable job today, especially considering the amount of time they were on the field.  Aside from the missed tackle that allowed the Giants' final score (and turned out not to matter anyway), the Bills made the Giants earn their yards.  When the offense doesn't achieve more than one first down on a drive until after halftime, keeping a Manning to 16 points is pretty good.  The bottom line is that you will not win a football game in the NFL with only 10 points, but we were still in it until the end.  Its hard to say how much the loss of LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins hurt the offense, but the Bills need to prove it can run it up against teams that aren't as massively incompetent as the Miami dolphins before we can say that they've arrived.   When the the O balances the D, then this team will really be something to reckon with.


  1. We beat ourselves with the seventeen penalties we took. I'm really disappointed in the team. I was hoping the reign of Rex Ryan would mean a MORE disciplined team than previous years. Incognito's chop block resulting in the called back TD was completely unnecessary.  The player he threw that block at was in no way going to affect the play.
  2. The defense needs to complete their tackles. The Giants' touchdown drive in the 4th was only a result of multiple missed tackles in a row. If they had landed the first tackle we would have stopped them on 4th and 3, forced a punt, and still been in the game with 3+ minutes on the clock.


  1. The way that the penalties plagued us reminded me of the New England game. The Bills played sloppy like they didn't care what happened.
  2. For once we saw Tyrod really struggle in the pocket. The offense tried to be flashy and paid for it with penalties and poor decision making. We have an opportunity now to better ourselves and harness our game day emotions to hopefully produce points instead of personal fouls.

And the bonus point from GREG: What is wrong with Dan Carpenter?