THR Roundtable: Pregame thoughts. Bills vs Giants

The Herd Report staff has decided to list a few quick points about each week's Bills matchup. Here is our first installment. Enjoy and Go Bills!


Karlos Williams is going to take the starting job at RB and not look back. He will have the biggest rushing day of any Bill in recent memory.


If the Bills were overhyped for the Patriots, what we need to avoid is being underhyped for the Giants. Yes, the Giants are a vulnerable 1-2 and Eli Manning has thrown 8 picks in 3 weeks, but this is still a quaterback-coach combo that has two Super Bowl rings. We should win, but we should have beaten Oakland in Week 16 last year. Even bad teams put it all together sometimes, moreso when they have Eli Manning, and the Bills can't be caught sleeping if it happens this week. If we want to ensure we go to to the playoffs, the Bills need to start by making sure they win the games they're supposed to win.


This is the type of game that playoff teams WIN. I'm not worried about OBJ killing us. I'm confident in the defense having a great game while they get to Manning early. Offensively I think we will be just fine too. Hey, this is why we stockpiled all these weapons. Arguably our two most dangerous threats will not play. This is a bummer but neither McCoy or Watkins has been a huge statistical factor through the first three weeks. I understand they help in other ways. I am confident in guys like Clay, Woods, Harvin, and Williams to pick up any slack.


Only one thing that conerns me: ODB. Odell Beckham Jr. needs to be stopped and shutdown play over play this week. The defense will need to be on point to shut down the Giants offense.