Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars Preview: Game Seven in London

At 2:30pm local time, on the historical pitch at Wembley Stadium, the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars will lace up their boots, pull on their kits, and play a rousing game of American Football.  Unlike regular football, American football is played 4-8 seconds at a time followed by a 30-40 second break.  Plus there are commercials during the game, not just at halftime.  To learn what to expect from the Buffalo side and Jacksonville side, the good blokes from The Herd Report's staff break down what to look for on Sunday.


Jacksonville is a team that doesn't have a lot going for it right now. Their defense has been like swiss chesse and their offense, while having its moments, continues to fall apart at the most inopporune times. When opposing offenses are too good for a Jacksonville defense that has given up the 3rd most points in the league this year, Blake Bortles tries to do too much to keep up and keep the team in the game. What happens is he throws interceptions. (the exact same thing happened to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, remember?) However, when less has been asked of him because of the disfuctions of the opposing offense, the Jaguars have played strong close games versus the Colts (Luck was injured) and Miami. Of course, Buffalo now qualifies as a disfunctional opposing offense, so the defense will actually need to do some work to prevent a Jaguars' offense with a lot of good, young receivers from putting up too many points for EJ Manuel and the depleted recieving core to keep up with.


After seeing that Rex is at least listening to our defensive bodies about how they have been utlilized, I'd expect them to come out swinging against the Jags. Especially with how the offense has been, I'd bargain that we'll see at least 2 sacks. As far as our offense goes, it might be a little rough, but I think Roman will have something flashy because the game will be streamed live. With all of the injuries, I'd like to see more passes to Hogan and Woods.


As a Buffalo Bills fan who lived in London for a bit, I want nothing more then to see Buffalo Bills Fans like this guy ^^  in Wembley Stadium this weekend. Also, I am excited that Buffalo gets to play the first exclusively streamed game. Last year, Yahoo made a deal with the NFL to stream the London game.  It is the first NFL game live-streamed globally. It's estimated that Yahoo paid around $20 million dollars for exclusive rights to the game. The only other places the game will be shown is on CBS in Buffalo and Jacksonville. It won't even be on DirecTV's Sunday Ticket. For more background on the London game, visit here.


I'm encouraged this week. While most have developed a nervous twitch between last week's Bengal Beatdown and the rash of injuries, I feel that this game can be a turning point for our beloved Bills.  The Bills got cute the last few weeks.  When Chris Hogan threw a ball to Tyrod Taylor from the Titans' 5 yard line, I knew this team had lost it's way.  They should get back to classic Rex Ryan.  I expect this game to be the physical incarnation of Rex's introductory press conference. You want ground and pound? This will be it. No receivers? Fine. We'll run it. No starting QB? We'll run it. This is going to be the Shady Show. I predict he'll touch it 30 times and score twice. Oh and expect Buffalo to blitz. It's coming. I'm seeing Nickell Roby with a sack and forced fumble and... what the hell, a Mario Williams interception on an expertly timed drop back from the D-line. I'll also take credit if it's Jerry Hughes. Go Bills!