Buffalo Bills Weather Injury Storm, Rightfully Avoid Ray Rice

Sometimes life is bigger than football. Actually, all the time real life should take precedent over a game. But, there are sadly many times when that doesn’t happen. When someone puts their moral code on the back burner in an effort to advance their team. The Buffalo Bills had that opportunity, and I’m proud that they didn’t take it.

To start the season it seemed that depth was the strength of the Bills team. But, as the weeks wore on, the injury bug struck, turning our strength into our biggest weakness. The position most effected was running back. We lost star LeSean McCoy and rookie standout Karlos Williams. The door was open for the Bills to sign Ray Rice. We were depleted at the position, and in simply a football mindset the move would have made a ton of sense. They could have gotten a great running back, and probably have gotten him cheap. But they didn’t.

Rice, a former star running back for the Baltimore Ravens, is now best now for the video depicting him abusing his then fiancé, dragging her seemingly unconscious body out of an elevator.

No matter what Rice does with his future, that video will always be attached to him. He could and probably will at some time make a return to the NFL. He probably will do pretty well, too. But it won’t be for the Buffalo Bills (this may be premature. He very well could sign with them tomorrow, but if they were going to sign him it seems the best time would have been two weeks ago. Don’t let me, and this article, down Doug Whaley).

I’m proud that the Buffalo Bills didn’t sign Rice. What he did is the unforgivable. There is a blurred line on what NFL players can get away with if they are talented. Bullying in the locker room. Punching a teammate in the jaw. But to me, what Rice did crosses the line.

If there was a team with a good enough reason to sign Rice, it was the Bills two weeks ago. But, we didn’t sign him. And for that, I’m proud to be a Buffalo Bills fan. Sometimes, life is bigger than football. Make that all the time.