Bengals 34, Bills 21: THR's 2-Point Conversion

The Bills were back at home this week for an AFC showdown against the undefeated Bengals.  THR's 2-Point conversion is back too, as our Editors give their two points on the game.  Also, if there are any doctors reading this, would you mind going down to One Bills' Drive?  I hear they could use some help.


  1. I'm not sure what our hyped-up defense has been doing during the past few games, but they haven't been on the field - that's for sure.  We've been without a stellar defensive presence for a few weeks now and it shows.
  2. This game, offensively, reminded me of last year's EJ.  Buckling under pressure and not being able to read the field is just where he was when we last saw him as a starter. The growth conversation has been going on, but unless he starts putting up good numbers, EJ has a chance to lose his spot again to the first decent free agent the Bills can find.


  1. Going into the game with a backup quarterback, this was always going to be a game where the Bills needed the defense to step up and keep things manageable for EJ Manuel to get the win.  Allowing 34 points is not keeping things manageable.  Sure, the Bills offense did little to help win the field position battle, but the defense struggled to get off the field all game.  Yes, the Patriots and Giants threw quickly to avoid our defensive line, but the Bengals simply manhandled them.  Cincinnati's O-line opened gaping holes to keep them running and gave Dalton oodles of time on key third downs to covert while scrambling.  The offense wasn't great, but that was expected.  The defense dropping the ball is truly disappointing.
  2. Why do LeSean McCoy and Robert Woods always run like they’re about to fall down?  This has been going on since the beginning of the year.  Every time they come out of a juke, their legs are behind their bodies instead of underneath. Stumble-running instead of sprinting isn't cutting it in the NFL.  Do they need to do some balance drills, or are their legs just tired?  It might be time for the training staff to take a look and see if they're over-lifting or under-sleeping.  Those legs are something I know from my college experience and it means they are certainly not at 100%.  McCoy had a good game anyway.  Imagine what it could have been.


  1. I love the touchdown and the fact that he kept his concentration after the injury is great, but I am seriously starting to think that Sammy Watkins is made out of glass.
  2. I just wanted to point out that I called Tryod Taylor getting hurt early in the season and EJ taking over.


  1. It is great to see LeSean McCoy looking healthy. Now if only the rest of the offense could be healthy we might be able to get something going.  The loss of skill players is very visible.
  2. The inconsistency of this team is very frustrating. It's hard to feel too confident about the playoffs with the highs and lows so far.


  1. Whatever you do, don't blame this game on EJ Manuel. He didn't play great but you can't expect 35 points out of your injured and depleted offense.
  2. This is the definition of a team loss. Special teams, defense and offense. Complete effort to take ourselves out of the game.  Everyone contributed.