Alliance in the NHL: The Buffalo Wild Wings take flight on Reddit.

After the Sabres beat the Blue Jackets today in a thrilling victory, the Buffalo Sabres subreddit received an unlikely request from a Detroit fan; a suggestion to form a pseudo-alliance between the two teams in addition to the Minnesota Wild.

 Credit to Reddit user: Troub313

Credit to Reddit user: Troub313

This mythical beast, the Buffalo Wild Wings, has formed due to a brotherhood with Detroit through the Dominator, and with harsh winters with Minnesota.  This alliance—which can be found over at—has only 3 rules thus far, and they are as civil as hockey fans can be, which is of course very. 

1.) When playing non-alliance teams, always root for an alliance team.
2.) When playing allied teams, root for your team and that no one from either team gets hurt.
3.) If allied team beats your team, lose with grace. If you beat an allied team, win with grace. We are all one.

It seems that the primary targets that we, as a part of the alliance, would root against Boston and Chicago.

Most of the communities are all for it, and even when presented to the entire /r/hockey community, other fans have been combining their respective teams into fake alliances.  Some of the proposed team-ups are the Floridian teams (The Thundercats of course) and the California teams (The DucKing Sharks). The last one of course has still yet to be agreed upon. 

This means absolutely nothing to the professionals, but for us, why not?

All hail the Buffalo Wild Wings, may they fly out of the cold and into victory.