Bills 14, Titans 13: THR's 2-Point Conversion

If NFL games only had 2nd halves, the Bills' offense would be looking pretty good right now.  You know who else looks pretty good right now?  The Herd Report's Editorial staff.  While girls give us double takes, we'll give you two takes...on the Bills' game.  Anyways, I've got to go because my editor just fired me for how bad that pun was... but you should stay and read THR's 2-Point Conversion.


  1. Tyrod Taylor did a great job capitalizing on open space in the 4th quarter. His run on 3rd and 23 was huge.  So was following through to Hogan for the wide receiver's career long reception. Finishing that drive with a TD was exactly what we needed when we needed it.
  2. Terrible clock management in the 4th quarter caused the Bills to punt with just under 2 minutes left.  It was lucky that we got the interception that allowed us to kill the clock.  We keep having to rely on our defense to win these games, but going forward we need the offense to start syncing up and get us some points on the board as well.  Without both sides of the ball playing a part, it will be impossible to make the postseason.


  1. The penalties still hurt us, even if it wasn't as many as last week.  Starting the game with a turnover revised due to offsides was rough and we were lucky to finish the final drive after two consecutive penalties pinned us deep on 3rd and 23.  Fortunately, the Tennessee Titan's offense wasn't producing anything that the Bill's needed to match to offensively. Rex Ryan still has to talk to his team about reducing penalties even more.
  2. The Bills' defense really came though today. Nothing flashy, but especially Gilmore and Darby are on fire. While I'm definitely glad we won, it doesn't mean we deserved it. We scraped through on a few clutch offensive plays. Roman had his work cut out for him in the 4th quarter, but it worked out well.


  1. Coming out of the first half, the Bills had only 51 yards of total offense. They had only a single third-down conversion, zero points, and a massive time of possession disadvantage including possessing the ball for only 1 minute and 46 seconds of the first quarter. The Bills never crossed the 50-yard line. Yet, somehow, the Bills were only losing by 3 points thanks to the defense holding up against Marcus Mariota.  In the end, it turned out to be enough as the Bills ground out two touchdowns in the second half to win a low-scoring game with two young Quarterbacks.  But the Bills will need to start faster to keep winning.
  2. Two weeks in a row, Stephon Gilmore had a clutch interception in the fourth quarter.  Last week's red zone interception didn't pay off as the offense subsequently shot itself in the foot, but Gilmore is playing at a very high level right now.  Between him and Darby, September's NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month, the Bills arguably have the best cornerback tandem in the league.


  1. That was difficult to watch.  We were fortunate to steal a win. I'm hoping that the offensive struggles are about LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, and Karlos William sitting on the bench and not a bigger problem with the offense.  I still don't know who this team is.
  2. I think we may see Cyrus Kouandjio get the nod over Seantrel Henderson next week. #66 had a bad day and his back-to-back penalties nearly prevented us from scoring the go-ahead points.  He had better kiss Tyrod Taylor's feet for bailing him out.


  1. The defense played well in the first half. The naysayers need to stop saying they played poorly. They allowed three points.  Only three points.
  2. I've never seen a player carry a team more than Tyrod Taylor did in the second half. It was amazing to watch.


  1. A win is a win. I'll take it. 
  2. Getting Sammy back will be very nice. Can't come soon enough. 

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