The New Bills' Coach, in a Perfect World

If this was a perfect world, which I am quite sure it isn’t, the next Buffalo Bills’ head coach would be offensive minded—to compliment the team’s clearest weakness—and someone that the players genuinely want to play hard for. Unfortunately, it seems to me that those two things are in direct conflict.

On the long list of Bills’ head coach candidates’ two names stick out as an “I would do anything for that guy” kind of guy.

Rex Ryan, however polarizing he is portrayed in the media, consistently got his players to blindly buy in. They put on the green and white for Ryan and looked to prove every one of his outlandish predictions about their team true. They went to back-to-back AFC Championship games with Mark Sanchez—he must have been doing something right. You can say what you want about Ryan, but his players love being on his team and that is invaluable and necessary for success.

The other name that sticks out on the list is clear: Jim Schwartz. He took a good defense and still made them better. Bills’ players consistently have spoken out in support for their defensive coordinator, including team captain Fred Jackson. The familiarity feels right. At 9-7 for the first time in nearly a decade this isn’t a team that needs to start over. A promotion for Schwartz may just be the perfect prescription for the Bills.

The only problem about these two coaches: they are both defensive minded. Yes, they both have head coaching experience but Ryan failed to fully develop two drafted quarterbacks and Schwartz survived off of his defense. Our offense clearly needs help and EJ Manuel a sculptor.

Of course, there are plenty of offensive minded coaches on the list (Kyle Shanahan, Adam Gase, etc.). And of course they all have potential to be the “I would do anything for that guy” kind of guy. However, none of them have proven it like Ryan or Schwartz. Most of the offensive candidates are offensive coordinators who haven't put on high display their likability to players. Sure, there is a chance for proving themselves, but a shred of me just wants a diehard coach whose players would blindly sweat and bleed for. The end result is, of course, something still to be seen.

But if this was a perfect world, we would have the perfect combination of both an offensive minded and players’ coach.