An Open Letter to Doug Marrone: You Quit On Us At The Wrong Time

Technically you used your opt-out clause to relinquish your duties as Buffalo Bills’ head coach on New Year’s Eve. But us Buffalonians can see the writing on the wall. You quit, Doug. You quit on the team, its players, its fans and the entire city.

I can’t blame you for taking the extra $4 million-- I don’t know many people that would have left that on the table. I can’t blame you for possibly wanting a higher profile job or a bigger market franchise. I can’t even blame you for feeling uncertain about your job security with the new ownership and looming unknowns.

I can’t blame you, but I do feel bad for you. You quit on us at the wrong time. A time when you can literally almost feel the tide turning as you walk along canal side. A time when players are proud to put on the Bills’ blue every Sunday, which it hasn’t always seemed. A time when the playoffs aren’t just a pipe dream, but a very tangible possible reality. The city is bustling more than it ever has. The team holds one of the best defenses in the league and an offense that has potential to be very explosive. We’re on the rise.

You quit on Buffalo at the wrong time—or maybe it was the perfect time. I sure know I don’t want a disinterested, egotistical coach for my hometown team. So maybe it was the perfect time for you to leave. If New York or Chicago or Oakland or whoever wants you, they can have you. Maybe it’s the innate Buffalo optimism or the holiday spirit talking, but we may even be better because of your exit.

So thank you, Doug. I wish you the best of luck and hope your future team and fans' enjoy punting every fourth down without a hint of hesitation as much as I did. You quit on us at the wrong time and I want nothing more than to prove that to you in the years to come. See you next year, maybe even twice if you land with the Jets. Good luck and don’t spend that $4 million all in one place.


Greg Pokriki