Donald Trump, New Bills Owner...!

Donald Trump…New Bills Owner! Time to party!  Oh not yet!

What the heck are we thinking in not immediately accepting the Donald’s one billion cash in one hour with no contingency offer? Even if it was less as some now report…just accept it!! Yes I fully appreciate that Terry Pegula will keep the team here and has offered a reported 1.3 billion but do we really think he will be an owner that will take us to the Promised Land. Look at what he has done so far with the Sabres. We are again rebuilding for a while with nothing that makes us feel like we will be a great team any time soon. Who wants to wait with the Bills? Then there’s that group from Toronto headed by John Bon Jovi who needs to re-submit their offer. Seems they have not offered enough or shown that they will not move the team.  Speaking of Bon Jovi, Larry Tannenbaum, chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and Edward Rogers who controls Toronto’s Telecom Empire, Rogers  communications, who wants to hear about the team possibly being moved as we all know they want. Oh they are saying all the right words now but if they bought the team, we would always be worrying about this.

What are we thinking? Just take Trump’s offer! Here is why:

Buffalo needs Donald Trump! Not just the Buffalo Bills but all of Western New York. We are paranoid that people around the country do not like us! We have been treated at times like we live in igloos in one of the coldest areas of the U.S. Think of the news on our weather and economy! That pain from everyone outside our area reminding us how bad we are for losing four Super Bowls! We know Buffalo is a great place to live and raise a family but each one of us cannot stand any negativity placed on our home sweet home in Buffalo New York.

But we have our sports and live and die with our beloved teams with the Bills being the most precious to us! Remember all the national TV games we had in the Jim Kelly era. We felt proud with people from around the country hearing the announcers praising our team. Remember those games where we played so great? We, through our team, felt like we were special…for that limited time!

What are we thinking?

Donald Trump brings this national spotlight to our team…continuously, day and night!  The Buffalo Bills have not made the playoffs in what seems like forever! We have no identity and even with some decent talent this year, most truly feel that we will be lucky to have an eight and eight record. Let me remind everyone that a record like that will again have us not making the playoffs! We have been stuck with average coaches and players for so very long with nothing changing.  Our team has been so bad for so long and we are just stuck in mediocrity.

What are we thinking?

Trump - The Herd Report.jpg

Trump will be the best thing that could ever happen to the Bills and our community! Let’s think about it. We will be talked about by everyone. He will brand us like no other team has been branded. I do not care if you do not like Donald Trump, but let’s all agree that this guy gets what he wants. Look at his empire!  He now wants our Buffalo Bills! Hallelujah!! He is totally full of himself and does everything to win as he has proven and the Buffalo Bills will be his new baby.

We will have an owner who will do everything to make us not just get to the playoffs but win! He will pay for the best to play here. He will have the best coaches and again, he will brand us…everywhere!

All his hotels will surely have Buffalo Bills logos and merchandise being seen and sold. He will surely promote us on Television from talk shows to his own Apprentice TV program! I envision him adding his own hotels here too! Think about a stadium built by him! Our economy will flourish.

What are we thinking?

Do you want the best opportunity to field the best team and win the Super Bowl? Do you want our Buffalo Bills to be talked about as the Next best team? Our City will be prospering like at no other time and will share in all the branding. Think about it…where is this team located that everyone is then talking about? In Buffalo New York!  Oh we will eat this up like nothing before!!  It’s a no brainer!

What are we thinking by waiting?  Just do it and change our team and community forever!