Report: All Bids for the Buffalo Bills Under $1 Billion

Potential Bills Owners - The Herd Report.png

Report: According to Mike Ozanian at Forbes there are reports coming from his sources stating that all submitted bids for the Buffalo Bills are under $1 Billion. 

Ozanian's sources state that the predicted highest bidder at $1.3 Billion, Terry Pegula, bid under the $1 Billion Dollar threshold expected by Morgan Stahnley. Trumps initial bid is estimated at around $850 Million. Jon Bon Jovi and the Toronto Group also bid under $1 Billion. Previous Sabres owner Tom Golisano may be submitting a bid now. 

The Buffalo Bills annual revenue were $250 million while their operating income was only $38 million. To see how the competition to buy the bills stacks up, check out our potential Buffalo Bills Owner List: Here.