Hasek Honored By Sabres, Doesn't Cut Hand

 Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News

Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News

It is safe to say the #39 is legendary in Buffalo. Dominik Hasek is easily regarded as one of the top goalies in NHL history and quite possibly one of the best players in Sabres history. He will forever be remembered in Buffalo for his service to the sport of hockey, both on and off the ice. He won an astounding six Vezina Trophy's as the leagues best goaltender and two Hart trophy's as the leagues MVP.  He led the Sabres to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1999 and it is a foregone conclusion that his number will be raised to the rafters very soon.

That being said...

The Dominator does not know how to properly hold a Sabre. According to 'in depth' research on Wikipedia we can confirm here at The Herd Report that most swords are, in fact, not actually held by the blade. Apparently, the proper way to hold a Sabre is by the handle. Maybe that is why Rick Jeanneret looks so confused...

Luckily for Hasek, the Sabre was in its scabbard which is the covering that protects the blade and kept Dom from any harm or unnecessary bleeding. Either way I think he would've been safe. I'm sure the actual blade of the Sabre would've been quite dull, just like the Sabres play as of late.

For more information on 'How to Properly Hold a Sabre' see video below: