Cleveland Browns Vs Buffalo Bills Week 13 Recap

The Bills would have huge momentum going into this game against the Cleveland Browns. I predicted a victory which would now be for the second time in a row and more especially here as the team would be back in Buffalo with the fans feeling closer than ever to the Bills from all that occurred with the last game.

With so much on the line with needing a victory to stay alive for the playoffs it was time to play this one.

The Bills chose to not accept the ball first after winning the coin toss. This has been a trend lately for reasons that do not include weather but instead seems to be for putting our dominating defense out first to make a statement early. I cannot argue with this!

Browns Quarterback Brian Hoyer has played very well this season with so many fans in Cleveland and nationally wanting Johnny Manziel to play. Hoyer would hand off to running back Isaiah Crowell for a short gain to start this huge game for both teams.



At 7-4, this game would also be crucial for the Browns to win to stay in the best position possible for getting into the playoffs. 

Hoyer would throw a beauty to WR Miles Austin for the first down. Not the perfect start we were all hoping for!



The next three plays would not earn them enough yards as our defense would then stiffen and the Browns would punt.

Newly acquired Marcus Thigpen was brought on to return kicks and he showed why the Bills wanted him with a great 19 yard return.

Kyle Orton needed to make good throws and limit interceptions and bad throws as he did last game. The problem we all worry about after seeing Orton in many games now was his obvious inconsistency from one game to the next. With one of the best defenses in all of football, we just needed Orton to be consistent. With his decent game last week, could he be good two weeks in a row which he really has not been able to this season.

Here he starts off with a throw to Robert Woods who has been playing terrific as of late.
First down!
Fred Jackson takes the handoff for three then Orton throws one of those awful ducks to Hogan which misses badly. On third down Orton has his throw batted down and we have to punt.

Not the offensive start we wanted!

The major question from this start was why we want to put our hopes and dreams on Kyle Orton’s arm. He throws three out of the first four plays. The Browns defense was 29th in the league against the run. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that maybe we should go straight at them with running the ball for a good portion on this day.

The Browns next set of downs would be quite unusual with flags dropping like peanut shells at the Roadhouse Grill!

On third down and long, the Bills would stop the Browns for a three and out. But those costly penalties would continue under Marrone’s leadership and Aaron Williams would be called for Taunting. 15 big ones for this and an automatic first down. This shows total undisciplined control when we needed to win this baby.

The Browns though would be coached by our former defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine and his team does similar stupid stuff that causes just as many penalties it seems as the Bills. 



On the very next play WR Josh Gordon would make a nice catch but throw the ball at Stephon Gilmour. You have got to be kidding. How could he do this when his team just got a 15 yard gift and was now moving the ball?

Same 15 yards went backwards. This was a flag fest!

The Browns would move the ball nicely down the field with good runs and catches and our defense looked like they were not at their best.
It became second and goal from the Bills seven. Crowell would run to the four. Hoyer’s pass to Austin would go incomplete and the Browns were forced to go for a 22 yard field goal. Billy Cundiff would make this easily and the Browns had a 3-0 lead.

The Bills next series would have Orton looking like this will be another bad game from him. His throws would be behind or far ahead of their intended target and on third and 10 Orton would get sacked. 

Were at home and this is how we respond to the Browns scoring drive? Not good!

The Bills defense would be called on to do as they have for most of the season, take our team on their backs, if we had any chance of winning with a quarterback who is just plain and simply inconsistent and not reliable!

Our defense turned it up and forced a three and out.

The Bills needed to get the offense going.
A nice return by Marcus Thigpen got us good field position. Orton would throw a screen to Fred Jackson for a nice seven yard pickup. With TE Chris Gragg injured, the Bills signed MarQueis Gray, a former quarterback turned tight end, who had only been with the team since the past Tuesday. He showed remarkable skills with receiving a pass and running 30 yards for the first down.

The Bills were finally moving the ball. Jackson would run for eight.


Pass to Scott Chandler for a short gain. The Bills were on the Jet eight yard line.
 It was now third and six. Yes a first down could be had at the two. All was in place for us to score a much needed touchdown.
Orton would throw a terrible pass to…the wrong player in the end zone!!!!!!!!

Orton has become the problem. He is so inconsistent and now when we needed him to not cost us points, he does!

Even in earlier games he would cost us points. Many times it became overlooked because of our defense doing so well. Even last game where he played good, some of the throws were off but because of our talented wide receivers making unbelievable catches, it was overlooked.
We need to stop overlooking the obvious. Kyle Orton is a backup on any other team. He should be our backup too! He is now hurting us worse than ever and our wound is now healed and this band aid at best quarterback has to be sent back to the bench! Yes, I want EJ Manuel to return. It cannot get worse!!! Is EJ the answer? Who knows but we need to change.

The Browns would get the momentum and drive down the field and our defense would force them to settle for a field goal which was missed.

The Bills got a break! Time to play football guys!!

Three and out! The Bills offense was so disappointing!

Thankfully our defense knew it was up to them and with Nigel Bradham’s sack on third down the Browns would go three and out.

But our Offense would continue to struggle and go three and out when Orton was again sacked on third down.

EJ where are you!

With time running down in the first half, the browns would gain a first down but then our defense took over. Nigel Bradham nearly intercepted the ball and right after this Da’Norris Searcy did.

The Bills did nothing and this first half that was forgettable was thankfully over.

So with only being down 3-0 there was still hope as it could not get worse right?
Fred Jackson would run for five. Orton throws a duck on second down and on third he throws an interception.

Yes…I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much longer do we have to endure this obvious problem at quarterback!!!!

Our defense was our only hope!

They come out on fire! A first down run for the Browns gains zero yards.
Second down pass…NATA!
On Third down, Hoyer would go back to pass and Kyle Williams was there to sack him. WOW!! Thank god for our defense! Imagine if we had a quarterback to complement this once in a lifetime type of defense! Cmon Mr. Pegula see the problem and fix it!

Fred Jackson would do his part and catch one and run for 21 yards. He would run for one then on second down Orton would throw his famous duck to Woods. Sammy Watkins was nearly invisible with just a few plays so far. Nice game plan going on here.
But wait, pass interference on the Browns and the Bills would get an automatic first down. The browns were trying to help Orton it seemed. They have just as many penalties as our Bills under Marrone.

Watkins would get involved catching a screen for only four yards. Bryce Brown would run for four. He was also not figured heavily into this game. Only a few plays here and there. This was the 29th worst defense against the run. I needed to repeat this!

The Bills were an unbelievable zero for seven  on third downs at this point in the third quarter.

This stuff gets people fired!

On Third and four Jackson runs for two. On fourth and two we go for it, like we should. Orton throws it long to Woods who makes a great catch. Woods has become a star!

At the three yard line, Orton throws to a wide open Chris Hogan for the touchdown.



With Carpenters extra point, it is now 7-3 Bills.

Please do not forget all that has occurred with Orton.

The Bills defense was fired up and that meant bad news for the Browns offense.
They would do nothing and Jerry Hughes would look like Lawrence Taylor and make one of the best plays you will ever see on defense. He attacks the Browns player and causes the fumble. On the ground he recovers it and runs it in for the score!



He then jumps in the crowd for the ultimate celebration!



Jerry Hughes is the real deal. Give the guy everything he wants. Do not let this guy go anywhere in free agency!

 With Carpenters extra point it is now 14-3 Bills.

Again…thank you Defense!!

The Browns would be in trouble. Mario Williams would get a sack and our defense continued to shut the door on the browns offense. Three and out.

The Bills offense would continue to sputter with short runs and bad passes from Orton. Punt!

Do not Worry though as the Browns would still be stopped.

Here we go again for the Bills offense with fans pleading for us to play better.

Thank you Cleveland for being even worse with penalties and the Bills would get an automatic first down on a critical third down.

But the Bills would show why they are right behind them by having 12 men in the huddle and being called on it! Come on!!! How can this be happening?

Penalty Fest continues!! Yea…pretty bad!

It was time to run it against this 29th worse defense against the run. Yes, I keep saying it because we should be running the gosh darn ball!!

Maybe they heard me yelling it!

Jackson ran first for four, then Bryce for about five. On third the Bills decided not to run. That would be too easy. Instead Orton would overthrow Woods. Notice the common theme in this one? Let me sum it up with…Orton throwing bad!

Luckily we were kind of in field goal range and Carpenter hit a long one for 49 yards which made it 17-3 for the Bills.

The Browns would continue to help us with Hoyer throwing another interception, this one to Da’Noriss Searcy for his second of the day and the Bills were already in field goal range thanks to their defense. What a great day bu Searcy!



Thank you defense as the Bills would go three and out and settle for another Carpenter field goal which made it 20-3.
It was weird. We had no offense for most of the game and had a 20-3 lead. 

Thank you defense!  I feel the need to keep repeating this.

The Browns were obviously frustrated and with 12:01 to go they put in Johnny Manziel to lead them from here. Manziel was a former 2012 Heisman trophy winner and was the 22nd pick overall in the 2012 draft.

This guy has the tools to be successful. The problem is he is just not ready yet from what the Browns coaches feel about him.

He runs for his life out of bounds as the Bills defense would be licking their chops to get him. Manziel then throws a beauty to Mike Austin for a first down.
To his credit this guy moved the Browns down the field and capped it with him running it in from 10 yards out for the score.



With Cundiff’s kick it was now a 20-10 lead for the Bills.

Hey it was still a game and Manziel looked good!

The Bills would answer with another field goal which made it 23-10 with only 3:36 left on the clock.

Manziel would get rocked by Kyle Williams and the ball would come out and Nickell Robey would recover for yet another defensive touchdown.



But replay was used and they felt that Manziel’s arm was going forward for an incomplete pass.
This was one of the absolute worst calls. Announcers and anyone with two working eyes saw Manziel pulling the ball back just prior to Kyle Williams destroying him.

The Browns went for it on fourth down and our defense stopped them and solidified the game for us.
The offense scored another field goal with 27 seconds left and this one would end 26-16.

All I can say is thank you defense. Orton was awful throughout in a game that was a must win for us. He is the type of player where you do not know what you will get week to week. He makes good passes, then bad passes pretty equally. This one had the bad way more than the good.
Defenses like the one we have here come around rarely. The Chicago Bears had this type of defense that dominated in similar fashion. They also had a quarterback in Jim McMahon who was not the best, but a leader who made little mistakes and handed off to superstar Walter Payton who became one of the best. That recipe won them a Super Bowl victory.
We need a better quarterback immediately. Our Defense won us this game. Orton was 17/31 for 190 with two interceptions. Stats like that usually mean you lost.

We play the very tough Denver Broncos in Denver at 4pm on Sunday.
I like our chances against any team with our great defense. The problem is at quarterback where you just do not know what you’re going to get.
The Bills are going with Orton, so all I can say is the same I have written about on him. He needs to have one of his good days. The ball needs to be passed in close proximity to our players. Players like Watkins need the ball more in this game. Use Bryce Brown more with Freddie and Dixon. He cannot make critical errors that cost us points! If he can do this with our great defense playing great, we will have a chance.

Payton Manning is ready to put up points against any team. Our defense will be challenged so our offense needs to play error free and put up points to help our defense.

I cannot wait to see what happens. Let’s hope for the surprise win of the season!