Buffalo Bills Vs Green Bay Packers Week 15 Recap

With all of Bills fans feeling down from the last game where Kyle Orton was beyond awful, playoffs seemed to be over, but…
The Green Bay Packers were in town and with Aaron Rodgers looking like the best quarterback that ever played, we knew this game was going to be special!

Doug Marrone continued his Kyle Orton adoration and we would have to endure another week with this backup quarterback at our helm.

The Game starts and Green Bay wins the toss and elects to receive.

The fans are going crazy as this is the last home game and we cannot wait to see our defense against the league’s best quarterback and offense.

Rodgers hands off and RB Eddie Lacey blows through our defense for a huge first down gain of 12 yards. He then gets three and is stopped for no gain. Rodgers first pass goes wildly incomplete and outside of the first long run, we look good!

Now it was time to see if our offense could score some points. All knew we were going to need points to stay with the Packers in this one.
But we would get one first down and punt right back to the Packers. Not the start on offense we needed.

The Packers would do no better against a Bills defense that was more ready than at any time as they gave Rodgers no one to throw to and would go three and out.
Come on offense…do your part now!!

Marcus Thigpen receives the ball and we have a drive start at the Packers 48 yard line. Great field position!

Orton throws a duck to Watkins. Again for anyone new to my articles, a duck is a pass that GOES NOWHERE NEAR THE INTENDED TARGET! Look up this word in a dictionary and you will see two meanings. One is an animal that Quacks. The other is defined as “The majority of passes thrown by Kyle Orton”. 

I think everyone knows my feelings on Orton being the quarterback of our team!

Robert Woods would take a pitch and run for a big gain. But it was called back on a holding penalty. The Bills are one of the worst penalized teams in the league. So many plays that were crucial for us doing well were called back for penalties. Same here.

On Third and nineteen, Orton gets sacked. So many feel our offensive problems have been due to having an offensive line which has played bad. This is true, but making it worse is having a quarterback with no running ability who throws Ducks all the time.

Three and out!

One of Buffalo’s own, Robert Starks, is one of the running backs on the Packers and he runs for two yards. Another incomplete pass and on third down Rodgers is forced out of the pocket but runs masterfully for 19 huge yards.

Wow, wouldn't it be cool to have a quarterback like this?

Rodgers though struggles against our defense to complete a pass as he again throws an incomplete pass on first down. Starks runs for six then another penalty on us for being offsides. Starks then runs wild for 12 big ones and the Packers are moving the ball on us!

But not in the air! We stop Rodgers enough to force a field goal which Mason Crosby makes easily and the Packers lead 3-0.


Orton gets sacked. Orton throws a duck! Orton throws another duck to Jackson!


Are the Bills coaches blind! Do they not see this terrible quarterback that is literally stopping us from…well…doing anything!

Yes I am watching this and wanting to vomit!!!!!!!

The Bills have one of the best defenses and luckily they came to play and force Green Bay to go three and out.



Thank you Defense!!


But Orton is saved from having to step on the field and further embarrass himself as Marcus Thigpen receives the punt and runs greatly for a much needed touchdown and the Bills go up 7-3.

Thank you defense and special teams!!!


The Packers had been running the ball on us and that continued with Lacy taking this first down run for 15 yards. If that was not bad enough he does it again this time for 17 yards. What is going on here? Lacy runs again for 22 yards. This is becoming bothersome. The crowd was going nuts after the Thigpen touchdown as we had the momentum big time. Our offense did not have to come out which was a good thing! But what was occurring now with this run game against us needed to be stopped.

Green Bay continued to look like champions as they drove down all the way and Lacy ran it in for a 10-7 lead.



That is how you answer a special teams score against you.

Orton threw a terrible ball to Watkins who somehow grabbed it from afar. Imagine having a quarterback throwing at the intended target! Thanks to Watkins, we had a 28 yard reception. Bryce Brown made a huge gain and this was going well until it stopped. Good news was we were in field goal range.


The Packers would drive the field and get in field goal range where Super Mario Williams blocks it. What a great play!

The Bills offense would do squat! Yes more Ducks from Orton along with more penalties and all this leads to punt time!

We have no offense in a game against Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay continues to struggle and go three and out.

Thank you DEFENSE!

I write this over and over in my attempt to seemingly have this wake them up!!!

Orton would throw a DUCK to Woods and then throw a perfect pass to a Packer!!
If I woke him up…it was from a nightmare!!! He is our nightmare!

The guy has gotta go!!!!!!

What the heck is going on here! Mr. Pegula you need to step in here. EJ Manuel cannot be worse than what we are seeing!

Nothing more to write about and the game was tied at halftime 10-10. If it was not for our defense and the big play by Thigpen on special teams, this one could have gotten ugly with no offense playing for us.

The Bills receive the ball in the third quarter and do what makes total sense which is not letting Kyle Orton throw.
Fred Jackson gets 10 yards. Dixon runs for five then one. He then gets enough for another first down and the Bills offense is moving the ball on the ground. 

I am good with that!! Keep this game away from Kyle Orton’s arm.
Freddie runs hard for five, then three more. Dixon gets yet another first down.


Bryce takes it for three. Jackson for two. 
Keep running!
Orton goes back to throw…and another duck kills the drive!!!
Luckily from all the decent runs, we are in field goal range and Carpenter hits it and the Bills lead 13-10.

Rodgers looks determined and throws a beauty to Randall Cobb for 20 big ones! Duke Williams who was starting in this one got hurt on this play. He was playing excellent in place of Searcy who was injured. Newly acquired safety Bacarri Rambo entered the game. He was let go by Washington a few weeks back.

The Bills would hold off the Packers who were forced to punt.
I cannot stress how good our defense was playing.

The Bills next drive would have Orton finding Bryce Brown for a huge 40 yard passing play.



Bryce Brown is showing signs of being a great player as I had forcasted. Orton threw his first good pass of the game. It was the third quarter!

Orton would throw ducks and the Bills had to once again settle for a field goal. This one was from 35 yards out and Mr. Automatic hit it for a 16-10 lead now.

Lacy would run for three. Rodgers would throw and be intercepted by Rambo. What a nice play by this newly acquired safety!



The Bills were in great field possession and with the crowd going crazy, it was time to put this baby away with our offense waking up and getting in the end zone!

Jackson for two. Orton throws for only two yards to Lee Smith. Orton finds Watkins who runs for a first down, but it’s called back for holding. The costly penalties keep on coming up and this is so frustrating with no end in sight.
On third and seventeen, Orton would get sacked and take us out of field goal range! He hurts us beyond belief!

The Bills would punt!

Rodgers would find Jordy Nelson who just dropped it. It would have been a looooonng play…but he dropped it. Oh Baby we got lucky on this one.

The packers would get a few nice runs but then Rodgers would throw his second pick of the day and Rambo did it again. Mario Williams and are D-line were putting a great deal of pressure on Rodgers who had just three interceptions all year and the Bills had two against him in this one.



The Bills once again had great field position starting at our 48 yard line.
Freddie ran wild for 20 yards and the place was rocking now! A short run then a usual duck by Orton and it became third and 16. Orton would get sacked! This quarterback play had to be the worst!

Carpenter was called on to make a 48 yarder and he did just that.
With the game winding down Green Bay would move the ball but be stopped, but not before being in field goal range.


The Bills would do nothing and with not much time left, the Packers had the ball with a certain Hall Of Fame quarterback who has won so many games at the end.

But not this time!

Capping an unbelievable performance by our defense, Mario Williams would knock the ball out of Rodgers hand and the Bills would tackle a Packer in the end zone for a safety.



What a game by our defense!

The Bills would run out the clock and one of the biggest upsets would take place at our last home game of the season with the Bills winning 21-13.

I do not recall seeing such terrible play from a quarterback position occur while the Bills would still win a game. Until this one!

The Bills playoff chances are bleak but this win kept them alive.

Oakland is next and  no one can expect a team to win on defense and special teams play alone. Something has to be done to get our offense scoring points and unfortunately we have a coach who seemingly adores Kyle Orton…no matter what!