Buffalo Bills Vs New York Jets Week 11 Recap

It was 7pm on Monday 11/24/2014 at Ford field in Detroit. The Buffalo Bills were about to play the New York Jets on this Detroit Lion home  field because of the huge winter storm that devoured so much of Western New York. This was supposed to be a home game for our team and with the NFL moving the game to Detroit, it would surely become a neutral field at best for the Bills. But Bills fans are not like any fans on this planet and so many went to this foreign stadium to make it our home for the night!

The Field actually looked like a Buffalo field. It had our Logos in place and it felt like a Bills game with pretty much 80% of the entire 56,000 fans rooting for Buffalo.

It was time to play.

The Bills won the coin toss and elected to punt. They wanted to have the ball first in the second half. Usually a decision like this is made based on weather. This game being in a dome made this decision questionable.

Michael Vick would be the Jets quarterback. He was coming off helping the Jets with a nice win against the Steelers.
On first down Vick hands off to talented back Chris Ivory for one yard. Jerry Hughes looks ready to play with a huge tackle.



A pass to Percy Harvin and Hughes stops this too for only a three yard gain. It’s now third down and Vick feels the pressure from our D-line and throws right to Robey who cannot hold onto it. Three and out!

The Bills have Fred Jackson back to receive the kick and I do not like him doing this as I have explained over and over previously. Why get our starting running back, straight from just returning from injury, banged up on special teams! Leodis Mckelvin was placed on injured reserve so this is what the Bills planned.

The Punt is terrible and the ball goes out at the Jet 44 yard line.

Orton hands off to Jackson who runs nicely for six. He then catches one and runs to the 32 yard line for a first down. The Bills fans are going wild.
Dixon runs for two. Then Orton throws a ball to Woods that is not the best, but becomes a catch due to Woods fantastic athletic catch. Dixon then rumbles nicely but fumbles. Luckily he was ruled down. Jackson gets a first down at the Jet four yard line. What a start! Then a little unraveling as has happened before when the Bills move the ball and when they get close, they cannot punch it in. Here they decide to pitch it back to Jackson and they lose two. Then they get hit with a penalty and go further back. The wheels seemed like they were coming off the track again, but not on this day with the Bills so desperate to win this for all of Buffalo and to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. 
From the eight yard line, it became third and six. Orton would stop this red zone curse and find Robert Woods for the touchdown.



With Carpenters extra point, the Bills were up 7-0.

What a great start.

It would get better!

The Jets would be completely shut down by our great defense and go three and out again!
The next Bills series was not good as well and we went three and out too.

The Jets would move the ball on their next series and had it first and goal from our four. Just prior to this Jerry Hughes was called for a penalty on third down and this gave the Jets an automatic first down. The bad penalties keep coming and Marrone needs to get this under control.
Mario Williams would show his dominance and sack Vick on the next play for a nine yard loss.



A short run by Vick, then another pass that was almost intercepted and our defense stepped up to keep the Jets out of the end zone.  The Jets kicker Nick Folk kicked a 27 yard field goal and it was now a 7-3 lead for the Bills.

The Bills would continue to struggle and again go three and out.

The Jets would be stopped for another three and out and this was becoming a defensive slug-fest.

Orton would start to have a connection with Robert Woods as they connected on a beautiful 17 yard play and the Bills were back in business with a first down at the Bills 36.
A few runs and catches and it becomes a fourth and one from the Jet 43. This writer and so many have criticized this coaching staff for punting in the previous games in similar position and Marrone who had to sense this, went for it here.
Dixon though is stopped. The Jets took over on downs. This was a good decision that needs to be repeated when we are in this position.

The Jets next series would have them moving the ball on first down with a nice pass completion to Jeremy Kerley then a nice run by Ivory for 11 more. But then our defense would go back to dominating.  Brandon Spikes would make a nice tackle, and then super Mario would get his second sack. On third down Vick throws incomplete. Punt time!

I cannot stress enough how great our defense looked!

Orton would hand off to Jackson for three. Then it was time for Woods to continue his awesome day with catching the next two. He made a sliding catch that was simply amazing.
A nice five yard run from Bryce Brown and then a throw to Hogan and it would be third and two. A long throw to Woods and he bobbled it from the great coverage on him, but somehow made the catch. Woods was the star of our offense without doubt!
The Bills would continue to drive down beautifully and this would be finalized with Orton finding Scott Chandler for a 19 yard touchdown. Chandler made a new end zone celebration with a tribute to all of Buffalo for what they endured as he did a shoveling motion three times. It was special to say the least!



No red zone issues in this one! Carpenters extra point made it 14-3.
Orton was looking very good and the entire team was so motivated to win this, which made this game so much fun to watch!

The first half would end and all we needed to do was continue playing the way we were.

Bills would receive the second half kick. Jackson would run for two. Orton would throw to Watkins and this would go incomplete. On third down, Orton would be flushed out of the pocket and he would run 10 yards for the first down. Kyle Orton running! He did a nice job on this rare occurrence.
The Bills under Orton would move the ball pretty well but have to settle for a long field goal which Carpenter nailed for 53 yards!  It was now a 17-3 lead for the Bills.

The Bills would add to their sack totals with Kyle Williams getting in on the fun. The Jets would go three and out!

The Jets would Try to punt, but Buffalo’s only rusher to the kicker, Boobie Dixon would brilliantly block the kick and the ball would makes its way into the Jet end zone where Manny Lawson would fall on it.



Are you kidding me!

Wow!!! It’s been so long since the Bills blocked one and this one would turn the game into what seemed like an insurmountable lead for the Bills.

It would get better!

On the Jets next drive, the Buffalo sack fest would continue and this time Jerry Hughes was the main guy getting the Bills 5th sack of the day.
Vick then tried to pass on the next play but Duke Williams was right there for the interception.



Duke Williams is now starting to make key plays in a game.

The Bills would take that turnover and score when Fred Jackson ran it in from five yards and the Bills continued this onslaught with a 31-3 lead.

Michael Vick was limping on the sidelines and Gino Smith was heading back in as his replacement.
It would do no good as the Jets would not move much and have to punt.

The Bills would play conservative and run Bryce Brown for three and after an incomplete pass to Chris Gragg, where he would get hurt, Chandler caught one but it was short of the first down.
The Bills defense would record its sixth sack on the Jets next drive by Ty Powell and they would again be forced to punt.

The Bills would move the ball at ease again with catches by Woods and runs from Bryce Brown. Then Boobie Dixon would blow this baby up with a 30 yard run for a touchdown.



With Dan Carpenter doing his thing, the score was now 38-3.

The only thing of significance that would occur after this was the Bills putting EJ Manuel in with 2:51 to go. EJ just handed the ball off which had many wondering why he was in. If the Bills wanted to see him with a game well in hand why not put him in earlier?

This one would end and it was a great game from every standpoint for the Bills and their fans.

I wrote that I felt the Bills would come out and play well and win this, but no one could have forecasted the total domination that took place on this night.
It was like all Bills fans were teammates with the Bills on this day and all the weather issues brought everyone that much closer. So much occurred from the winter storm that moved this game to Detroit and all the anxiety was lifted from the way each player played.

All I can say is wow!!

I also want to give Doug Marrone credit for this one as there were so many obstacles coming into this game and he was the coach that had them ready to play the game of their lives it seemed.

Next is the Cleveland Browns, who at 7-4 are not going to be easy. But I have that same feeling that we will do it again in front of a sold out Ralph Wilson stadium to keep all of Buffalo happy and our playoff hopes alive!