The NFL Gets It Right, Finally

In a season full of missteps and selfishness the National Football League finally made a good decision. The New York Jets v.s. Buffalo Bills game will be rescheduled to Monday Nov. 24 at 7:00 p.m. in Detroit, Michigan.

This will be the Bills’ second game at Ford Field this year, as they defeated the Lions 17-14. Optimistically, with this being the second Bills game at Ford Field, Buffalo still has home field advantage, as the Jets have not traveled to Detroit this year. Losing a true home game is unfortunate, especially for such a lively fan base. In a competitive sense it is certainly a disadvantage with how loud the stadium can get and how unique the weather can be.

However, in a macroscopic view the NFL got it right. The roads in Buffalo are dangerous. People are blocked into their houses or stuck in their vehicles. Travel to the stadium would be dangerous in itself. Putting football over public safety would be an awful (and eerily repetitive) mistake by the NFL. The league will likely lose money in the move, though gain television ratings. The fans that planned on attending the game won’t be happy. The players wont enjoy playing in a neutral stadium. The coaches won’t like losing their advantage and time on travel. But this is the right decision. In a football season full of greed, this was a selfless and empathetic thought. The NFL finally got it right, for the city and people of Buffalo—a relentless town that likely would ask for a beer before help shoveling.