In Just Five November Days In Buffalo

In just five November days, the Buffalo Bills fell from leaders in playoff contention pack to near elimination. 

From Nov. 9 to Nov. 13 Buffalo tumbled from 5-3 to 5-5. A season full of optimism, hope and possibility crumbled to devastation. It seems strange that I say that as if it isn’t the mantra of every other Buffalo Bills’ season. But this one truly did feel different. This season felt like the one where things would change. This felt like the team that could overcome the adversity. This felt like the team that could change the course.

In just five November days in Buffalo a city was deflated.

A loss against the Kansas City Chiefs started the slide. After starting with a first drive touchdown, the Bills offense was essentially ineffective for the rest of the game. Lack of ball security, questionable play calling and overall fruitless efforts all added up to a devastating four point 17-13 defeat.

In just five November days in Buffalo hope froze over.

Just five days later the Bills traveled to Miami for a division matchup of amazing proportions. The Thursday night game was being nationally televised, a time for the Bills to grab all of America’s attention. The Buffalo Bills failed to reach the end zone. This stall raised the Bills end zone absence to seven consecutive quarters. Sure, the referees made some poor calls that undeniably affected the game. But this was supposed to be the team that was able to overcome this adversity and win in spite of the blown calls. The ultimate 22-9 loss dropped the Bills to 5-5 and left them on the distant outside looking in to the playoffs.

In just five November days in Buffalo the entire course of a season was flipped.

The new .500 record leaves the Bills third in their division, and trailing behind every team in the AFC North, and three of the four AFC West teams. With division and wild-card chances technically existent, but realistically bleak, the team and fans have seemingly endless questions and almost zero answers.

In just five November days in Buffalo an entire city had a collective nightmare—and still hasn’t woken up.

This isn’t supposed to be a season recap, because there is still a chance. But with games against the Browns, Broncos, Packers and Patriots remaining, there doesn’t seem to be much to ‘BILLieve’ in. Where did this come from? We were sitting pretty at 5-3. We had Uncle Rico. We had a chance. Now, we’re 5-5 with normal Kyle Orton and almost no chance. This shouldn't be, and honestly isn't, an unfamiliar feeling. The heartbreak is unsettlingly normal. But in a way it does feel different. Maybe it's just because it is current, but the pain does seem stronger. The Buffalo Bills season is, barring a miracle, finished. And it all happened in just five November days.

In just five November days in Buffalo devastation was dropped on the city faster than snowfall.