How It Feels To Be A Buffalo Bills Fan Mid Season

As the Buffalo Bills failed to squish the fish Thursday night, it is about that time of the year again. It is during the middle of the NFL season and conversations consisting of "This is the year" begin to fade away. Soon replaced with the sounds of snapping ankles as fans jump off of the Buffalo Bills Bandwagon.

Nate Silver and his Five Thirty Eight team have taken this time of the year to calculate the odds of the Bills getting the first round bye in the AFC based on the outcome of the New England Patriots playing the Indianapolis Colts.

The Five Thirty Eight data gave the Bills only a .4 to .6 percent chance of getting the first round bye in the AFC. After 15 years of practice since #SinceTheBillsMadeThePlayoffs there was only one true response any actually loyal Buffalo Bills fan could have to this information:

So you’re telling me there’s a chance...
— Lloyd Christmas