Buffalo Bills Vs. Miami Dolphins Week 10 Recap

The Bills game would be showcased on National Television and it was time to show everyone that we were for real…but would we?



Miami was also 5-4 and both teams had to have this game to realistically stay in the hunt for the playoffs. A loss and it would be nearly impossible. Miami Quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not have a good game in Buffalo where the Bills won easily and in this one, he would have a banged up offensive line going against one of the best in Buffalo. Most felt this could be the deciding factor if Kyle Orton plays well.

So much was on the line…here we go.

Miami receives the kick and Tannehill wants to air it out. He does that with three passes in a row that result in two first downs.



Miami is moving at ease against our defense which was shocking to see. After a short run, Tannehill completes another and Miami looks good. One of our guys that is part of our defensive line rotation, Stefan Charles then gets things going with a tremendous play that results in a sack. The Bills feed off that and on the next play Branden Spikes makes a huge tackle that resulted in a loss.

It would be third and 24 and it should have been nearly impossible to get this…but Tannehill shows pocket poise and hits on a 34 yard passing play. This was not a good sign for the Bills.

Miami then struggles to move the ball with penalties plus a bad throw from Tannehill and they are forced to go for a field goal.

Caleb Sturgis hits a 38 yard field goal and Miami is up 3-0.

The Bills have Bryce Brown back to return the kickoff. I disagreed with using C.J. and Fred for this and feel the same here. Why beat him up when we need him at running back now. Marquise Goodwyn was hurt so this would be Marrone’s plan for the day.

This was now Kyle Orton’s time to prove he was not what this writer and so many thought…just a backup on any other team. The Bills needed him to not have a game like the one prior where he played awful.

Orton is starts out in a shotgun. This looks like the offense that Jim Kelly ran. Kyle Orton though?

Orton throws a quick one to Eric Woods for nine yards and Sammy Watkins catches another for five. It’s a first down and we are moving the ball. Miami has a great defense too with their outstanding DE Cameran Wake leading the way for them. He was controlled in our last game with EJ Manuel at the helm. Could we do it again with Orton?

Dixon runs for a respectful seven yards and on second down Orton misses Sammy Watkins. Its third and four and Orton finds Chris Hogan for seven and we look good!



Bryce Brown carries and runs hard for five yards.  Then only a two yard pass to Gragg and were again in a third down situation. This time three yards needed for the first down. Hogan looks masterful as Orton finds him again for a huge 15 yard gain. Dixon runs for six then Bryce runs for five more and the Bills get yet another first down.

Orton then passes to Bryce Brown and he runs for another five. Bryce Brown is getting more and more involved in the Bills offense and great things are happening with him now! Orton has been in the shotgun throughout…so far so good. 

The Bills were getting close and have had an awful time scoring touchdowns. This would continue as Orton would throw an incomplete pass on second down and on third his pass was deflected at the line.

The Bills had a good drive going where like the last game they ran good with short passes mixed in. Last game they then went away from this at critical points late in the game and relied on Orton who struggled badly.

The same occurred here with them moving the ball with a nice mix of run and short pass. Then they get close and have Orton throw, throw, throw. He becomes bad and just like last game, we cannot get in for the score when we need to.

Carpenter comes out for the field goal, which he makes and the score is now 3-3.



At this point, you had to feel uneasy as a Bills fan. What was supposed to be a defensive slug fest was anything but…and our offense still could not find the end zone!

Tannehill is ready again and hit receiver Mike Wallace for nine yards. It’s becoming crazy with huge chunks on each play against our usually dominant defense. 

Second quarter starts and after a short run and incomplete pass, Running Back LaMichael James goes through arm tackle after arm tackle for a huge 33 yard gain. This was terrible to see!!
Tannehill keeps it going hitting WR Brian Hartline for 10 more.



Then with all going great for Miami, Jerry Hughes comes through and makes a nice tackle on Tannehill that strips the ball and Duke Williams is there to recover. Duke Williams is another that I have written about who I like very much. With more playing time he will surely be someone to watch.

It was now time for the Bills to take over this game. They had a short field now and needed to score a touchdown using runs and short passes.

Bryce carried for two. Dixon then carried for three.

That is what I am talking about!

Five yards is totally fine giving us a short distance to either run or pass for third down. On third down Orton finds Mr. reliable in this game, Chris Hogan who gets the first down.


It was now Bryce time.

Orton hits Brown who uses his strength and agility for a huge 19 yard gain! Bryce then runs for another 8 yards.



This was the templet to continue! Finally we were using Bryce Brown more than at any time, and he was showing all he can do!


Dixon ran for two. With Fred Jackson not playing, Bryce and Dixon were a good tandem. 
It was third and one. Dixon ran and got it!

All good!

I was hoping the Bills Coordinator Hackett and Coach Marrone were not going to over think this with all going good! It surely seemed that when they decide to put it all in Kyle Ortons hands…the sky has fallen!

Orton, still in shot gun, threw out of bounds. Miami was bringing the heat and Orton has no ability to move around which totally is a handicap compared to others, including our own EJ!
Orton finds Watkins for eight. Sammy has not had many plays which needed to change.
Bryce would run on the next play and it was a beauty! He picked the hole and ran right through it for a healthy five yard gain.

Another catch by Hogan and the perfect mix of run and pass is continuing.

Orton throws incomplete to Dixon. Dixon though runs for five and this drive looks even better than the first one.

First down!

We need to score a touchdown…no more field goals.

The Bills are on the five yard line.

Orton goes back to pass…WHAAAAAAT!!! Yes I am screaming at the TV at this point! Hackett and Marrone are overthinking!! Just hand the gosh darn ball to either Bryce or Dixon and get the TD!!!!!!!!!! We’re talking only FIVE yards!

But Orton throws it and it is…BLOCKED! Second time! He now looks like Doug Flutie who was so short it occurred all the time.

Orton hands off (good) to Dixon who runs for two. 
We now need only a few more yards for  the touchdown. Hand off again please!

Orton goes back to pass…HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Orton gets pressure and runs for two yards. Woods was wide open in the end zone!! I wanted them to run Bryce Brown who had a five yard average going at that point. But Marrone and Hackett decide to put it in Orton’s hands again. With no athletic ability he runs short of the touchdown and never even looked in the far left at a wide open Robert Woods.

Field goal time!

Carpenter comes in and makes a 21 yard field goal. The Bills are up 6-3, but I actually want to vomit at that point!

No team can win with a quarterback like Orton. No Team can win with coaches who overthink in the red zone where the overthinking does not make sense from the real world results that were working. To put this is plain language, as soon as they get in the red zone, they seem to put it all on the arm of Kyle Orton like he is Marino or Kelly. He is NOT!!! We are paying the price and not scoring touchdowns!

Miami had to be feeling lucky and Tannehill keeps throwing and completes for 10. Another decent run by RB Daniel Thomas for eight and here we go again with not being able to stop Miami. Then a crazy play where Tannehill goes back to pass and as he throws it, the ball hits a player in front of him and goes back to him where he gets sacked. Finally we had some good pressure.

Two minutes left in the half.

Our defense then kicked it up and created another sack. Mario Williams was started to get going. On third and 13 Tannehill’s pass went incomplete and it would be a punting situation but…
Stephon Gilmour was called for interference and this resulted in an automatic first down. Another play against the Bills at a critical time where the Refs decide to call it against us.  So many times they do not call this…but here we go again…it’s the Bills!

The Bills defense would stop Miami and cause a punt. Buffalo would run the clock out and this exhausting half was over.

Bryce Brown would be back again to receive the second half kick and get the ball to the 21.

Dixon would run for three. On second and seven Orton would find Woods who was wide open and stepped out of bounds…ONE yard short. He was all alone and needed to take one step up, but Woods lost all track of where he was and thought he had the first.

Now we needed one yard. How many times have we seen the Bills need short yardage and not be able to get it.

The Bills would hand off to Bryce Brown, running him to the outside in a designed play to go that way. WHAAAT! All the other good plays from Brown and Dixon were straight ahead. On third and one, Orton might as well just have pitched it back…it looked like the same stupid play. Brown had no chance. We have an offensive line that does not run very well and cannot get off the line, run to the side, and block again. We know that about them. But let’s design a third and one, against a very good defense, that requires them to do this!

This is not brain surgery folks!

We punt!

It was time for our defense to play like we know they could. Dareus starts this with a four yard sack, but Corey Graham would be picked on and Tannehill would have Miami rolling again.

Mario Williams would destroy his guy and blast Tannehill. Williams was the one bright star in this one so far.



Another crazy amount of yards were needed for the first down. Bills would play good defense and Miami would punt.

The Bills would get Sammy Watkins more involved. They did a roundabout handoff for a few yards and he caught one for 18. The Bills were once again in field goal range.  The  problem though would be more incompletes by Orton and we were again stopped from scoring a touchdown. This was so frustrating.

Carpenter made this 46 yard field goal and the score was now 9-3. 

No one could have felt comfortable with that lead.

Miami would turn it up. How many times, when we really need our defense to stop the other team, does the following occur:

Dolphins run and pass with relative ease down the field, capped off by a huge 31 yard passing play to Brian Hartline.

They were running with ease as well with Lamar Miller running for 10. This was not easy to watch!



Tannehill would drive Miami down to our seven where he easily found Brandon Gibson for a seven yard touchdown. This capped a nine play, 80 yard drive. 



Cmon defense we needed you!

Miami 10, Buffalo 9.

The roof was about to cave in on the Bills.

Orton throws to woods but misses him badly. Brown runs for seven. We then get a holding penalty that backs us up to our 10 yard line. Orton throws a screen pass to Brown who has no chance with no blocking and this results in a loss of four. Kyle Orton goes back to pass on third down and wings it trying to hit Sammy Watkins. It misses him badly. So bad that the refs call him for intentional grounding. He was in our own end zone so this becomes two points more for Miami!



Miami 12, Buffalo 9.

Many feel that this was a bad call. Sammy was going another way. He has told reporters that he was going where he was supposed to. Orton is the quarterback. He is responsible for this and threw the ball up so early hoping for the best, but it was not in any way. He was in the end zone. He has to know that he cannot take chances there. ANY chances! Throw it to the ground near someone. YIKES!
So many costly plays by Orton have hurt the Bills since his insertion. Here we go again.

Miami would do us a big favor again. On the kickoff to them, Jarvis Landry is hit and fumbles the ball. Nickell Robey is right there to jump on it. Another gift.

Now on the Miami side of the field, Orton would throw to Brown and Bryce would continue to have a good day with taking it 11 yards. Orton would then throw a bullet directly to a player that was not on our team! Yes, this would be Dolphins safety, Louis Delmas who luckily dropped it. If he hadn’t, it would have been a Touchdown for Miami. Orton has become a liability!

Orton would hand off to Brown for a short gain and on third and eleven, Miami would blitz and Orton would throw it to the ground. The Bills would be forced to go for another field goal.

This time Carpenter would miss it.

Miami would once again move the ball through crisp passing and hard earned runs. This was aided by a 24 yard penalty for pass interference on Gilmour. This was a terrible call and one that should never have been flagged. Miami would run for a short gain then Tannehill would throw to Jarvis Landry for an eight yard touchdown. Robey whiffed pretty badly on this one!



With the extra point, it was now a 19-9 lead for Miami.

This was getting out of hand!

Bryce Brown returned the kick 26 yards and it was now or never for the Bills.

From the Bills 30 yard line, Orton completed to Bryce Brown for four. Brown would continue to showcase his talents by receiving the next short pass and taking it 16 yards. The ball was now at the 50 yard line. Dixon ran for four. The ball was now at the 46. I keep mentioning this because it will become pertinent as we keep going on here. We were moving with runs and short passes. That should be the templet for success. Not relying on Orton’s arm only.

But we would as on the next play Orton would throw a bomb to Watkins and overthrew him terribly. Watkins was open. Orton could not get the ball to him! It would have resulted in a touchdown. Orton was way off on so many that it was becoming embarrassing!

On third down, Orton would throw a duck which was supposed to go to Robert Woods. It was not pretty to watch this seemingly deterioration of Kyle Orton right in front of a national audience. 

He should have been pulled!

With exactly 9:50 seconds left in this game. The Bills needed two scores. They are on the Miami 46 yard line.

Marrone directs his team to punt!

As Bills fans we have endured the conservative nature of so many coaches who hurt us with their non-ability to take chances. Dick Jauron would have punted here too.

We needed two scores! Our defense was not playing at its best. They gave up the 14 points in this half alone. We needed SIX YARDS for a first down. If we did not make it Miami would start in their own zone! Not the end of the world! I have Seen Bill Belichick go for it on his team’s 38 yard line!! 

Our coach, by his actions on this play, completely lost his teams fight as he in essence gave up! Oh he did! Not having the faith in going for it on Miami’s 46 yards line, when his team needed two scores, was like a balloon deflating for them.

Pegula has to go back and watch the Apprentice as I have written in the past. Winners are coached by winners. This coach has made to many mistakes and this was a huge play in a game we desperately needed to stay alive in for the playoffs.

Punting would give the dolphins the ability to take time off the clock. Scoring was not the main goal here for Miami. Precious time would be lost when we needed two scores. The Bills could not afford to punt!

If this all was not bad enough, Colton Schmidt’s punt went 27 yards to the Dolphin 20.

Way to go Marrone!

If I stopped my report here, most could figure what that idiotic decision was going to do to the rest of this recap.

If you did not see the game, you were right…here is the horrific ending:

Bills would go offsides on Miami’s first play. Mario Williams who had a great day with 3.5 sacks was over the line. It was now first and five. A quick pass to TE Dion Sims for three. On second and two, Tannehill would run for 12 yards to the 42 yard line. First down and the clock, just like a timex watch… was still ticking!

Tannehill to Simms again to the 47. They keep going.

Wonder what Marrone is thinking now!

It would get worse.

The Defense steps up finally and Mario and Jerry Hughes co-sack the quarterback for a huge loss.
A flag was thrown for an unsportmanlike penalty on Hughes. He brushed against the referee which is a no no. This Bills team has been so undisciplined under Marrone, which I have written about from the get go. This one would cost them their hard earned sack plus 15 yards the other way! 

Wonder what Marrone is thinking now!

From the 38 yard line, Miller runs for 5. 

TICK, TICK, TICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another short gain and on third down, Mario Williams does a seek and destroy mission with Tannehill and sacks him. Mario was absolutely great!



This sack took Miami right out of field goal range and they punted pinning the Bills back to their own 10 with 4:37 to go.

With three timeouts it would now come down to being forced to rely solely on Kyle Orton’s arm. Under Orton’s helm the Bills had not scored a touchdown in the last 110 minutes of action!

I was not holding my breath with hope!

Orton, with no pocket awareness and no ability to move around, would get sacked on first down back on our 5 yard line.

It was just sad at this point!

On second and 16 Orton would once again throw to a dolphin who once again could not hold on to it. Two sure picks were dropped.

You just wanted the horror to end!

On third and 16, Orton would throw short to Dixon who would be immediately tackled.
It was now fourth down and it was so uneasy to see Marrone on the sideline. He looked like he was just beaten up. Now he had to go for it on fourth down with eight yards needed…from the Bills 12 yard line!!



Orton also looked like he was lost. On this fourth down, he threw in the physinity of Chris Chandler but Chandler had no idea the ball was going to him and it was…embarrassing to say the least.



Miami would run for two plays and throw it in the end zone trying to score a touchdown. Wow a coach that wants to bury us. I wish we had a coach like that.

Our defense stopped them and from the Bills 12 yard line Miami kicked a field goal and it was now 22-9.

Unbelievably there was going to be enough time to kick the ball back to Buffalo. WE HAD TO ENDURE MORE!

Orton would miss Brown, Get Sacked, Throw a short one to Hogan and on fourth down, throw a bomb to his favorite receiver, Mr. No one!

This one was over.

I am a Bills fan. Let me start with that. If you have read my reports you know that I tell it like is and no matter what I communicate, you know that I want our team to be good.

I am frustrated beyond normal frustration. Doug Marrone is a coach that has an undisciplined team. He needs to take responsibility for this. They take penalties that good teams that are coached well don’t. He has made decisions regarding players that are simply baffling.  How he handled Mike Williams and not playing Bryce Brown for most of this season are just two big ones! Marrone has proven that he cannot manage even simple game strategies that are needed to give his team a chance. He is too conservative to be our coach. When the Bills were looking for coaches, I wanted Chip Kelly. Look what he has done in Philadelphia! This game had Marrone making the decision to punt the ball from the Miami 46 yard line, when the Bills needed two scores. Out of all the decisions, and his teams undisciplined nature that results in penalties, this call would take the cake because it showed his team that he did not believe in them. It was over right there. The entire team looked deflated. When a team feels like this, the coach is a liability in them moving forward for success.

Kyle Orton is another liability. He has more talent around him than he has ever had and this has enabled him to look ok at times but then he plays bad most other times. We are seeing the bad part to a large extent now. It’s time for this band aid experiment to end. The only future Orton should have with us would be the same as any other team would want him for…BACKUP!

I am just a Bills fan that is so sick of losing.

We have so much talent and a few tweaks are needed to make our team really special.

Yes, I am just a Bills fan that wants to win.

I am hoping Terry and Kim Pegula want the same and will do what is needed to make our team special!