Who is who? The Herd Report writers as Buffalo Bills players

I am positive that, like me, thoughts of who each Herd Report writer would be if they were a Buffalo Bills player keep you up at night. Just the thought of it can keep me awake for days. So trust me, I know how haunting these thoughts can be-- you are not alone. Thus, in an attempt to steady all of our sleep habits and reconnect with our beds, I have created a list of whom each Herd Report writer would be if they were playing for the Buffalo Bills. First enjoy the article, and then enjoy your likely long awaited nap afterwards.

Fred Jackson (Bill O’Hare)- As an every down back and warrior, consistency pulses through Fred Jackson’s veins. He is always a reliable weapon for the Bills. He avoids the flare and dramatics and gets the job done, often springing for a simple but invaluable six yards between the tackles. In the same light, Bill O’Hare gets the job done. Steady posts and consistency within them proves the value O’Hare brings to the team. O’Hare has found his niche in The Herd Report’s attack, as has Jackson with the Bills, with his relevant Sabres’ game preview, recap and analysis. When it’s second down with nine yards to the sticks, let’s face it, Nathaniel Hackett will be running the ball and surely Jackson/O’Hare is a dependable choice.  

Eric Wood (Mike Kelley)- Eric Wood is just as good on the field as he is off. He never seems to misrepresent the Bills and always raises good questions in his encounters with the media. He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers and sometimes seems just as much a fan as he is a player. Mike Kelley packs that stability into The Herd Report as well. His posts, as the spirit of a blog often is, raise questions. They don’t force a conclusion onto the reader, but rather leave them with a decision of their own to make. This openness creates a necessary bridge between reader and writer, an important facet to The Herd Report.

Leodic McKelvin (Michael Okun)- As a lively writer who never shies away from the truth of the matter, Michael Okun wears it on the sleeve. At any point it seems like he can explode for a two-interception day and an awesome post game interview. Okun’s high energy adds a spice to The Herd Report that may be lacking in his absence.

Sammy Watkins (Greg Pokriki)- At 19 years old, the youngest member of The Herd Report, it seems (at least I hope) that potential is radiating off of my articles. Sometimes it is tough to get me the ball, or get an article out of me. You would love to utilize me more within the offense, but with the top corners of each team matching up across the line (or in my case, a 1,000 word psychoanalytic paper on JD Salinger’s A Perfect Day for Bananafish due on Friday) chances are often hard to find. However, every so often you can see a flash of the creativity and catch the lightning in a bottle. In no way am I immune, however, to an early celebration and getting caught without putting points on the board (see my last article featured on The Huffington Post, compared to this low level fantasy of playing for the Buffalo Bills). No matter the negatives, the potential is there and the fresh, young, optimistic perspective is, in my self conscious and hopefully self-aware mind, important to the blog’s landscape.

Terry Pegula (Kevin Siskar)- I know what you’re thinking, “Terry Pegula is not a Bills player!” And if you’re thinking that you would be correct, he is not a player (yet). However, I found a loophole and that is, simply, that I am the writer; I’m the boss for now. Similarly, Pegula is the Bills’ boss and Siskar is The Herd Report’s boss. Siskar administers effectively, never micromanaging but always being aware of the site’s status. He is also not afraid to do his own work, as he often puts out solid and respected content for the blog. A jack-of-all-trades and the reason for any success our site sees, theherdreport.com is SISKARVILLE.

Over 700 words later and that’s the list! The relief of knowing who is who is insurmountable, I know. Now goodnight, Buffalo, sleep tight.