Buffalo Bills Vs Kansas City Chiefs Week 9 Recap

After a week off the Bills were ready to show us that they truly were ready to jump up to the next level. They needed to win against a Kansas City team that wanted this game just as bad.

Here we go…

The crowd was going nuts and every sports fan in Buffalo  was hoping that we would play good and go into the next game, just a few days away, with a 6-3 record. It was close to veterans day and it was also a celebration for every one who has bravely served our country too.

bills chiefs veteans.jpg

Chiefs start their opening drive and our defense looks awesome. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith had a 71% completion rate going into this one with 10 touchdowns and only one interception.
Kyle Williams destroys his blocker on first down and the Chiefs run by Jamaal Charles is stopped for nothing. Jerry Hughes does the same on second. Smith throws to TE Anthony Fasano for seven yards, but way short of the first down. 

What a way to start!

Mckelvin makes a beautiful return off the punt for 21 yards and the Bills start at the 50 yard line.

Kyle Orton throws to Scott Chandler for three yards. Bryce Brown is starting, which is something I have wanted for so long and he gets the second down carry and runs for one. Chandler makes a nice catch for eight yards and the Bills have a nice start with a first down.

Orton throws incomplete to Lee Smith, our other tight end and then Anthony Dixon runs for three causing a third and seven. Orton finds Fred Jackson, who returns from injury and he gets the first down.
Then Orton throws a beauty to Chris Hogan for 25 yards and he runs it in for the touchdown.



What a great start!!
With Dan Carpenter’s extra point the Bills lead 7-0.

The Bills look like world beaters. 

 The Chiefs have offensive weapons with running back Jamaal Charles and receiver Dwayne Bowe. They would need to be controlled and on first down Bowe would catch a bullet from Smith for 22 yards. Smith would throw an incomplete pass and then get sacked by Jerry Hughes. On third down, Alex Smith would be forced out of the pocket and run for the first down. He is an excellent quarterback who can do it all!

On this play, the Bills would be called for intentional roughing as Aaron Williams went to hit him as he slid. The problem is he missed him. He actually was going for him prior to him sliding. This was such a bad call and gave the Chiefs 15 more yards!

This helped the Chiefs get a field goal of 36 yards by their kicker Cairo Santos and the score was now 7-3.

Orton would be forced to run for three. My guy, Bryce Brown, carried for four. On third down, Orton found Robert Woods for an 18 yard gain and we were on the move again.

Orton threw to Frank Summers who could not catch it. On second, Bryce Brown ran for six. You could see Brown getting better and better with more playing time. I have written that he needs to play more and you will see him shine. This is what was now happening with the Bills coaches finally allowing him to play and  plus now getting the ball more.

 bryce brown

bryce brown

On third down Robert Woods dropped a ball thrown right at him and the Bills would be forced to punt.

The Chiefs would move the ball again helped by a 27 yard hookup between Smith and wide receiver A.J. Jenkins.
But the Bills defense would continue to play dominate football and force another punt.

The Bills would do nothing and this one would go back and forth with both defenses playing well.

The big moment came from a fumble recovery by Jarius Wynn.  This put the Bills in great field position.



On the Chiefs 20, Frank Summers ran for three and then Woods caught a nice throw from Orton for 10. 

With a first down on the 10 yard line, Orton would get sacked on first and then Jackson would run for three. Orton would  then completely miss Chandler who was wide open. 

The Bills would settle for a 26 yard field goal and the score was 10-3.

Then Jamaal Charles would start to shine as he ran for 17 yards. Alex Smith had two passes that were incomplete and one that was complete but short and the Chiefs had to punt.

The Bills were looking good!

The next Bills drive would have Orton Throwing badly and the result was a three and out.

The Chiefs were not willing to risk anything and ran out the clock and it was halftime.

What was clear in this first half was Kyle Orton was hot then cold. He went 5 out of 6 to start, then went 0 for 6 after!

Sammy Watkins had a groin injury going into this one but was cleared to play. After being so good in previous games, he was a no show in this one so far.

On the Bills first drive of the second half, Watkins would start to get the ball and make plays. Bryce Brown would also start to look good as he was a force running and receiving. Here he took a pass and ran for 17 yards.

The Bills were moving down the field and had the struggling running game looking good. This writer had stated that Bryce Brown would make our offensive line look better and that was occurring. 

Anthony Dixon would run hard too for two, then the Bills would have another play for Bryce where Orton throws to him and allows him to run. This one resulted in Brown catching and darting through players and just as he was about to score, Chiefs DB Ron Parker threw his arm down and knifed at the ball, which resulted in the ball coming loose.



It rolled right to Scott Chandler at the back of the end zone and all he needed to do was solidify the ball coming right at him and the touchdown would be preserved. But he could not control it and it sailed out of the end zone for a touch back.



This play was huge as the Bills would have been up 17-3. So many are blaming Brown for this error but the Chief player made a phenomenal play. I have previously written about all the outstanding talents of Brown, but also mentioned that he did have a fumbling problem in Philadelphia. I wrote that as long as he has this now under control, that he should be a major weapon for the Bills. This was his first fumble and again it was from a great defensive play. Brown showed the kind of player he will be for us with his other positive play in this one. 

The Bills defense would save the day and not allow the Chiefs to take advantage of this turnover. They would punt!

Orton would now hand off to Dixon for a couple of carries and he gained a total of six yards. On third down Orton found Chandler for the first down. 

Then it was time for Bryce to show his stuff and he caught one and ran 13 yards. He almost scored here and was tripped at the last second. The Bills were once again moving the ball at ease relying heavily on Bryce Brown.

With the Bills inside the 10 yard line of the Chiefs, the Bills coaches decided to throw the next three downs. With a running game moving the ball, the coaches instead wanted to rely on the arm of Orton.
That would be a mistake as all three passes were ducks totally off their intended Bills player. The Bills would have to settle for a 21 yard field goal and it was now 13-3.

This again could have been 17-3. Why the Bills wanted to throw all three times when clearly our running backs were all playing well and gaining yards, is beyond comprehension!

The Chiefs would now turn it up on Offense. Boe would catch key passes and Smith would make decent throws and decisions. Still the Bills defense held them on third down and with a fourth and one the Chiefs went for it. The Bills would look awful and allow running back Jamaal Charles to run 39 yards for the score!



This was on fourth down!

Our defense had played great for most of the game but went to sleep here it seemed!

With the extra point it was now 13-10.

The Bills needed to answer right back.

Brown again continues his great play and catches the ball and runs 15 yards. Orton finds Watkins for eight. Orton throws another duck to no one!

On Third and two, Orton is forced out of the pocket and runs, but is inches short.

Doug Marrone decides to go for it…I am saying halleluiah! Finally we go for it and are not playing the conservative game!

The Bills line up and…the play is taking so much time. It now looks like the Bills are trying to draw the Chiefs offsides. Then movement by Chiefs and everyone in Buffalo thinks it’s an automatic first down.


The referee calls our offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson for moving first. 

So what does Marrone do now…PUNT!

It seemed obvious that he was never going to go for it. This was so disappointing. How many of us wanted the Bills to just get up to the line and immediately run a play. Any one of our backs could have gained that inch!

How about putting EJ manuel in for a quarterback sneak? Think this athletic big guy who would be motivated beyond comprehension, would not get us an inch?

So disappointing!

The Bills defense would get pumped from the crowd. Marcell Dareus was a man on a mission and sacked Smith.



The Bills defense would give up nothing and the Chiefs would have to punt from deep in their own zone.
Mckelvin went back and received the punt. As he ran he was tacked and before he was totally down…he fumbled and the Chiefs recovered.

Another huge mistake. You can only make so many against a good team like the Chiefs.

The Chiefs would be on the Bills 26 yard line. Charles would get the carry and run 18 yards to the eight yard line. It seemed at times, that the Bills defense would just let up every once in a while. When they did, Jamaal Charles made them pay!

Alex Smith would then go back to pass and with no one to throw to, he ran all the way in for the score.



With the extra point it was unbelievably now a 17-13 lead for the Chiefs!

The Bills would have another fourth and one and instead of going for it, with time running out, Marrone punted right back to the Chiefs.

Our Defense would once again do what was needed and force a punt by the Chiefs.

Mckelvin would have a nice return down to the Chiefs 25 and the Bills were back in business. There was four minutes remaining in the game.
Orton throws to Woods for a quick first down. Brown runs for three. Summers runs for another first down.
I cannot stress how our running game was so consistently good and it continued here.

Now deep in the Chiefs zone, the Bills decide to again put in in the hands or should I say... arm of Kyle Orton.

On First down he throws a duck to Watkins. Not even close!

On second down he throws nowhere near Chris Hogan.

On third down he throws another duck to no one!

With a little more than two minutes to go the Bills needed to now  kick a field goal. This makes all the sense in the world with having two timeouts left plus the two minute warning. This would give their great defense a chance to stop the chiefs and get the ball back to our offense that only then need a field goal to win. Our kicker, Dan Carpenter has been so reliable and all this is why I thought the Bills should, without a doubt kick the field goal.

Not Doug Marrone!

He goes for it on fourth down. fourth and 10!!!  So many times I had wanted him to go for it on fourth down…


Orton goes back and throws to Sammy Watkins and the ball goes nowhere near Sammy but instead is almost intercepted!

What an absolute joke!!

This would give the Bills no chance at winning.

The Chiefs would do nothing on offense, but they did not care as they would punt it back to the Bills
With 14 seconds left... deep in our own zone.

We do nothing!

Game ends!

What a horrible loss!

I have questioned so much about our coaching but this one really showed huge mistakes that cost us dearly. We had this game well in hand and so much of the coaching then decided our fate. Yes, the team had blunders with two fumbles, but even with that, we had opportunities to overcome them with proper coaching.
Kyle Orton looked very much like a backup quarterback. He throws good balls and then bad balls. I have detailed how he hurt us in previous games, but we still won in some of them despite him. He plays good then not so good. He was awful in this second half where we really needed him as the coaching staff put so much in his hands.
Alex Smith, the Chiefs quarterback, showed what a true star quarterback does for his team as his leadership and skill brought his team back to win it.

The Bills are now in trouble as they head to play the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night.
This will be a game that will truly show us if our season is over.
Our schedule gets tougher and this next one is a must win game if we are going to have any chance of having making the playoffs.