Terry And Kim Pegula...The Real New Owners Of The Bills!

 The Pegulas are officially the new owners of the Buffalo Bills.



They paid $1.4 Billion dollars, which was 500 million more than the Bills were worth and clearly blew everyone else away, including the Donald.

I had written about my desire to want Trump to be the owner for many reasons, including the big one…wanting to win the Super Bowl. Yes, I felt having Donald Trump, who does not accept being second in anything, would give us the best opportunity at winning the trophy along with all the recognition from branding like no form of advertising could do for us.

But Buffalo always plays it safe and conservative with not taking risks and this follows suit.

As a Buffalo Fan it’s all about the Bills staying here and with the Pegulas owning them, we can feel secure about this. 

I know the Sabres, the team that Pegula also owns, has not had any success since he purchased them and we have been rebuilding with what can be considered a 2-3 year project.

I am sick of waiting! I want the Sabres to win now! I want the Bills to do whatever it takes to be a winner. Players and coaches need to be held accountable. Will Pegula be hands on and use all his resources to build a new stadium and do whatever it takes to make our teams winners?

Time will tell and all we can do is base it on the Sabres present situation which looks good if your moving out of Buffalo for the next few years and coming back in 2017!

I sincerely want to thank the Pegulas for buying the Bills and keeping them here. 

We know that Terry Pegula has been one of the best in private business as he is worth $4.6 Billion. If only he brings the same drive to want to win in sports is all we can pray for.

My hope is that the Pegulas watch the TV show, “The Apprentice”, and view other successful people all fighting to be the last one standing to be the best away from their chosen profession…just like the guy behind the desk, where with everything he touches, being second is not an option.

I just want to see our teams win it all…Tell the Pegulas that I will bring the TV!