Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Week 8 Recap

This was a game that was going to show us that we were serious about being a good team. So many questions were on my mind, none more than dealing with all of the penalties we have had each game. No team can continue at that pace and be successful.

Then there was the running back situation with both Fred and C.J. out and how they were going to use Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon. All who read my articles know my feelings on wanting Bryce Brown to be the man now, but what would the Bills do with him after totally ignoring this proven talent the entire season up to this point.

Then there was Kyle Orton who has been part of the Bills transformation on offense. Yes, he looks confident, has made good plays and has experience but man those mistakes in the last two games were bugging the heck out of me.

He accounted for three turnovers in each of the last two games and that is just too much to ignore, which Bills fans seem to be doing as all they remember is the last drive against the Vikings.
So this would be a game to see if many of these issues could be better which would make me feel like we are serious about turning the corner and being a good team!

Let’s get this one started!

The Bills kickoff and the Jets start with their quarterback Geno Smith. Many in NY are not quite sure if Geno is the next best thing or another average player. He has looked very good in most games but had one that was real awful that scared the fans in NY about his ability.



Geno’s first pass goes incomplete. Leodis Mckelvin has great coverage. On second down Geno looks confused as he misses the simple task of handing off the ball and is forced to run and he gains nothing.
Great start for our defense. The Bills defense was not a question for me prior to this one as they have to be considered one of the best right now.

On third and 10 Smith finds WR Eric Decker but Stephon Gilmore nails him with a big hit and the Jets go three and out!

Great start!

Mckelvin runs the punt back 35 yards and you could not ask for a better start.
Bryce Brown is the running back starting the game and I am yelling…hallelujah!
Brown gets the first carry of the day for the Bills and runs for five tough yards. The Jets defensive line has two of the best with Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson and these two guys make it almost impossible to run against. Add the fact that the Bills have offensive line troubles and you know it’s going to be tough sledding in this one.

Brown comes off on second down and Boobie Dixon is now in. It looks like the Bills are going to split the running backs equally. Dixon gets the next carry and gets only one. Dixon stays in on the third and four and Orton throws an incomplete pass to Sammy Watkins. A flag is thrown on the Jets for pass interference and the Bills get an automatic first down.

Bad penalty by the Jets that helps us big time!
Orton is then forced to run and he gets a healthy seven yards. On second down he finds Lee Smith for the first down.

Looking good!

Orton then throws a nice one to Robert Woods for 25 yards and this looks like the best first drive of the year.



On the running back watch, Anthony Dixon had stayed in after the first play.
Brown then comes in.
Orton Gets sacked when Jets Linebacker Quinton Couples and Calvin Pace go at him without being blocked.
This would be the first real bad play from our offensive line. Guard Kraig Urbik was inserted to help solidify an offensive line that has struggled badly.

On second and 16 Orton would go back to pass and throw to Woods who had to make a great catch as the ball was thrown behind him. This resulted in a huge first drive touchdown. 



The Bills were up 7-0 with Dan Carpenter’s extra point. The Jets fans were quieted so much that you could hear so many Bills fans cheering away at the Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford.

What a start!

We looked serious about wanting to win!

I forgot to mention that are special teams play is another that we do not have to worry about. They have been playing super and that excellent play continued as we kicked off to newly acquired Percy Harvin again and Randall Johnson made a terrific tackle that had the Jets starting at their own 10 yard line.

Running back Chris Ivory runs on first down but Preston Brown make an immediate tackle. On second down Smith overthrows Harvin and Geno surely looks very shaky at the start here.
On third and eight, Geno goes back and feels the immediate pressure from our D-line and wings it to avoid the sack. The ball sails nowhere near the Jet receiver and Stephon Gilmour was right there to pick it off.



Gilmour continues to run and Duke Williams makes a nice block that allows for more yardage. 

With all looking good, the ref calls a taunting penalty on Nigel Bradham and another one of those penalties hurts us at the worst time.
At the 50, Orton hands off to Dixon who runs for two. Dixon now seems like he is playing on most downs. Orton then finds Woods for four and on third down Orton misses a wide open Sammy Watkins and we are forced to punt.
That penalty really haunts us as we would have started on the Jets 35 yard line and at worst case had a field goal attempt.

This penalty placed us 15 yards back and we end up punting. Good teams do not have these types of  stupid costly penalties game in and game out.

The Jets would pass and run and get nearly nothing as it was then third and nine. Geno would throw a god awful pass that was intercepted by Preston Brown and the Bills defense was looking awesome!

 It surely seemed like Geno Smith was having another one of those horrific days!


Bryce Brown is back in and runs for four. On second he gets it again and gets two. On third and four, Orton again misses badly on a pass to Watkins. The Bills were given another gift by our defense and our offense would blow it by going three and out!

The Geno show would continue and he threw a duck on first down and on second he forgot the count or something as he had to call a timeout! It looked like total chaos and the Jets fans were booing big time now.
It would get better Bills fans!!

On third Gino tried to empty the stadium by throwing right into the waiting arms of our Aaron Williams. Are you kidding me…3 picks on three drives!! Oh baby!!!!


Gino would be smart to keep his equipment on when he leaves the stadium as Jets fans want him big time and I am not talking about for an autograph session!

To make it worse for the Jets, Williams almost runs it in for the TD and Geno had to make the tackle at the one!
On the 1 yard line the Bills line up like they are surely going to hammer it in, but instead Orton fakes the handoff and finds a wide open Lee Smith for the one yard Touchdown pass.

This was something special. Smith actually looked like he was going to stay in to block and he blocks a guy then goes down. When he goes down all Jets players go somewhere else thinking he is not in any way part of that play.

WRONG Jetsters!

Smith gets up and the ball is already thrown to him and he simply catches it with no one around!



It was great!

Dan Carpenters second extra point and it is now 14-0!

If we would have capitalized on all pics it would have been more, but who can complain with a defense playing out of their minds and our offense going two for three!

Michael Vick is warming up and we all know his story and his ability to still make plays.
The crowd is now excited and at the very least, it gave the crowd something to cheer about.
On first down Michael Vick hands off to Chris Ivory for four. On second down Vick throws a bad one that Nickell Robey almost intercepts.


The Jets had only 11 total yards at that point!

On third down Vick does what he does best and runs for the first down. The Bills definitely had to start adjusting to having Vick in there. You know the guy is going to run!

On First down Vick tries to run and loses the ball. He luckily recovered it or this place was going to be even more frantic which was scary to think about.

On second and 17, Vick runs for 20 yards. Come on Buffalo Defense! We all know he is going to run but we seem like we are in awe of the guy as he is running like crazy on us.

This allows for the Jets to run it in with Chris Ivory doing this from two yards out. This would be the first rushing touchdown scored on the Bills defense this year. With Nick Folk’s extra point it is now 14-7.



I am thinking that the Bills better make adjustments to stopping Vick or this huge first quarter start is going to be all for naught.
Bradham would continue to lead the pack in penalties as he would get his second on the kickoff.

Dixon was still in as he had been for most of the game. On first down Orton throws a bomb to Watkins but it is not even close. Dixon runs for two and then on third and seven, Orton throws another Bomb to Watkins. This time though, it’s right where it needs to be and Sammy was surely going to run it in for the sure score, but before he gets in he starts to celebrate and  a Jets cornerback tackles him and Sammy unbelievably is stopped close to the end zone.



What a mistake!

The ball is now on the four and Dixon runs but only to the two. Orton then hands off to Frank Summers who runs it in. Sammy surely felt relieved and hopefully learned his lesson. Carpenter’s extra point made it 21-7 and it felt comfortable once again.

The Bills defense would look better and Vick would be sacked on third down for a three and out. Kyle Williams and Mario Williams kind of both hit Vick from different sides. Vick was like a pancake while Mario and Kyle were Uncles Jemima!



 Kyle would be shaken up on that play.

The Bills would do nothing on the next drive where Kyle attempted to throw to Bryce Brown but badly over threw him. The Bills had the right idea as Bryce is deadly out of the backfield.
Hopefully we see this play more with a pass that is thrown in the vicinity of Brown.

The Jets next drive would have Vick trying to run but once again fumbling. Duke Williams who is now playing on defense at times would recover.

Duke is another player I have written about since preseason. He already is playing great on special teams and now starting to make plays on defense!

The Bills would not go far as Dixon ran for one and Brown was hit as soon as he got the ball as Eric Wood was terribly beaten by Richardson.
On third down Orton again could not get a good pass to Bryce and the Bills would have to settle for a field goal. This one was long at 53 yards. Dan Carpenter has been phenomenal and still was making this with ease.
The score is 24-7.
The Bills had four turnovers and only were able to get 10 points off of them...
but hey its 24-7!

The Jets would once again move the ball with runs by Ivory and Harvin. But Vick would do the most damage with those legs of his, this time running for 24 yards.



More runs and passes and the Jets are first and goal. It was bothersome to see our great defense look like they went on vacation on this drive. Ivory would once again run it in and with the extra point this one was now 24-14.

The Bills next drive was pretty bad. Dixon for one which seemed like that was his magic number. Orton would get sacked then Dixon got three this time and that would all do us no good. 

 Punt time!

The Jets seemingly stole the momentum and drove for another field goal just before the half. Nick Folk hit a 55 yarder and it was now unbelievable 24-17.

Only 7 points!

The Bills had 4 turnovers!! 

The Bills would receive the second half kickoff and Orton starts out by getting sacked. Dixon runs for one and on third and 15, Orton throws to Hogan for 14.

We punt!

What a way to start!

The crowd is back in this big time! The tide had and was still turning. 

The Bills defense would finally come back to us and put in in gear and record a sack by Jerry Hughes. Duke Williams also made a nice play to break up a pass and the Jets were forced to punt.

Mckelvin would come up with a big return that brought back our momentum. 

Bryce would run for four, then another run by him and he was run out of bounds with no blocking for him. The Bills would be called for a false start on the next play and it was now third and 13.
Orton throws to Watkins and he reaches for the first down but is one yard short. Carpenter is called upon again. He Makes  a 36 yard field goal and its now 27-17.

The Jets try to set up a kickoff return where Harvin receives the ball and then passes to former Bills WR T.J. Graham, but that did not work and Harvin got caught deep in Jets territory.

Vick gets drilled by Dareus and then throws two incomplete passes. 
Three and out!

Our defense was back!

The Bills would start the next drive on the Jets 43 and run Dixon two straight times for a total of eight yards. On third and two, Dixon would not be able to block and Orton would be sacked out of field goal range. This would be but another time where we went backwards and Orton was the guy making the decision. He should have thrown the ball away!


The Bills were now rotating our defensive line every few plays. These substitutions allowed our great defensive line to stay fresh while guys like Manny Lawson, Randell Johnson, Stefan Charles, Corbin Bryant and Jarius Wynn, were coming in and making plays!

Give credit to defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz who really was doing an excellent job for us!
With the Jets backed up in their own territory, Bryant would knock the ball out of Vick’s hands and Charles would recover.
The defense, even with these awesome backups were controlling this game again.

The Bills had the ball first and goal from the 10. Dixon would run two times gaining one yard each. On third down, Orton would throw a low pass that was easily deflected down. We did nothing with another gift from our defense.
Carpenter would make a 29 yarder and the game was now 30-17.

Yes, we were pulling away but it could have been over a long time before!

The Jets would further be humiliated as they were unable to move the ball and on third down Vick was back to pass and had Duke Williams blitzing and threw a duck that was intercepted by Da’Norris Searcy. Williams made Vick throw a terrible pass just before Duke nailed him.

What a play!

The Bills would get very conservative and run Boobie Dixon over and over for short gains. Then just when you thought it would be another handoff, Orton would find Chris Chandler for a 12 yard hookup for the touchdown.  With Carpenter’s kick it was now 37-17.



That would be the final blow, so to speak.

Orton would be average at best and then throw real nice ones to redeem himself.

The Jets would only get worse.

Wynn would sack Vick, then Randall Johnson would get his licks in with great tackles and the Jets would go three and out!

More Dixon for one and then two yards, then Bryce came in for a hard earned seven then two. The Bills would get a holding penalty and on second and 13 Orton would find Sammy Watkins for a beautiful pass and catch resulting in a 61 yard touchdown. Sammy split two defenders while catching the ball. He is a true superstar!



Carpenter would miss the extra point Hey if he was going to miss one…this should be the one!
And it was a whopping 43-17.

With Time winding down, the Jets would score on a meaningless final drive and after missing their two point conversion, the game would end 43-23.

What a game! 
The Bills defense stood on their head for most of this game. It was like they had the Jets Playbook. They were that good! Kyle Orton was 10/17 for 238 yards with 4 touchdowns and no interceptions. Mistakes were made by him but not like previous games. He was efficient and that is what we need from him.

The Running game had Dixon carrying the ball 22 times and Brown only getting 7 carries with both players not getting many yards in this one. A guy like Brown needs those 22 carries as running backs get better with more carries. I am hoping Bryce gets to do more running and catching, which I believe will allow for different results to be had. Sammy Watkins was once again the star of our offense with 3 receptions for 157 yards. What a rookie season so far. Marrone’s team had seven penalties for 49 yards which was better but still needs to be improved. The Bills played conservative for most of the game, which was understood as they were protecting a nice size lead for most of the game. When they did throw, there was some super plays that Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett needs to be complemented on. See I give coaches credit when they do well!

This game showed me the improvement I needed to see. We need even more and if we can improve further,  I feel we will be very serious about making our move to reach the playoffs!

At 5-3 the Bills have everything in place to do well. They now have a bye and then the Chiefs come here for the Sunday game and then five days later we play Miami on National TV.

7-3 sounds real good!
Let’s hope and pray!!