It's Bryce Brown Time!

Well here it is. Bryce Brown has been told that he will play this week against the New York Jets. All I can say is…Finally!

I have written in my sports reports how much I like Brown  and how disappointed I was in him not dressing this entire season. Only now with both Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller out with injuries, does Marrone feel the need to insert him in the lineup. I cannot figure this out. 



The Herd Report has had this writer touting the talents of Brown from preseason to Present. I am one of the only sports writers to continually question the Bills brain trust on why he is not playing and have continually wanted him to play believing he will make a big difference if given the opportunity.

Brown is a starter on any other team. He has played and had big time games on national television. He looks like a mixture of Earl Campbell and O.J. Simpson. Watch him and see what I am talking about. 



The Bills traded a fourth round pick to get him before the season. What was thought by most fans was he was an insurance policy if C.J. does not play well and decides that he needs to move on with being a free agent after this year. What was also thought based on Bryce’s fantastic preseason performance with us was that the Bills would get him in the lineup with both Fred and C.J. 

But that has only occurred with the other less talented backs with Boobie Dixon and Frank Summers.

It has been an absolute mystery why this guy has been forgotten!

This season Fred Jackson has been our best back by far while C.J. has looked awful for the most part. The logical assumption was to insert Bryce with Fred a few weeks back and have C.J. watch and see if anything changes with him. Instead we have turned into a three back offense at times with Dixon being inserted once in a while during a game. Frank Summers is a full back who rarely plays with our offensive game plan and when he does helps block for the backs and on occasion runs or catches. 

Brown is exactly what the Bills need right now. Our offensive line was complemented in preseason but criticized in the season. They have struggled real bad, but Fred has continued to do decently behind them while C.J. looks terrible. The Bills will make one change at guard for the Jets game with Cyril Richardson coming out and  Kraig Urbik going in, which they are hoping will help.

Brown though, will make our entire offensive line magically look better. He will make better and quicker decisions using his strength and speed, which shall  enable his runs to produce more yardage. 

Brown also has the speed to cut it to the outside and as a receiver out of the backfield, it is an unfair mismatch for any assigned linebacker.

In the Minnesota game, Dixon was called on to run more than he ever had all season and by the third quarter, he looked like he was huffing and puffing beyond control. He was then asked to block and he looked worse than C.J. which allowed the other team to get easy sacks.

Bryce Brown is the total package and has the ability to block with pressure coming, much better than either Dixon or Summers.

The rumor mill has the Bills possibly going with Dixon as the feature back with Brown getting a few plays here and there. I hope this is reversed.

The Jets defense is tough to run against and if the Bills use Brown as their featured back, I believe we will have the best chance to have a successful running attack. Add this to our already better than most passing attack, due to having superstar wide out Sammy Watkins and we could be looking at a big day.

Hopefully coach Marrone allows Brown to show his stuff, as this Herd Report writer has wanted to see Bryce Brown play from game 1.

I can’t wait!