Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings Week 7 Recap

It was a day where Van Miller was going to be inducted on the Bills Wall of Fame and we were all hoping for a game that would honor this special day for the legendary broadcaster.



The Bills kickoff and Ron Brooks makes a great special teams tackle and this one is ready to go. The Bills are more talented than the Vikings and if all goes as forecasted, this one would surely be a win.

Vikings rookie quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater is playing his first road game and against one of the best defensive fronts in football, was forecasted at having a long day ahead of him.

billsvikings defense line shot.jpg


On first down Bridgewater hands off to running back, Jarick Mckinnon who runs for 4 before Brandon Spikes takes him down. The next play has our defense going offsides and here we go on our way to another flag-fest day.
This team has got to be the worst with penalties and coaching has to take some responsibility. Week after week it just continues! Mckinnon then runs for an easy 5, then Bridgewater throws a quick pass to WR Greg Jennings for another 4.

What is going on????? This Viking offense is moving at will!

Bad sign!

On third and 4 Robey steps up to break up a pass play and we recover from this very questionable start.

Mckelvin receives the punt and the Bills are ready to rock?


On the very first play, Kyle Orton gets sacked. YIKES!!

What is going on here? He took a shot to the head and this became a personal foul against the Vikings and we get lucky and start again 15 yards further.

Orton finds Sammy Watkins for a crisp quick pass that gains another first down. It was nice to see Sammy get the ball early here as so much has been said about his non-use in the last game against the Patriots.
Then Fred Jackson runs hard for 8 then receives a pass that results in another first down.

Now we are moving down the field nicely!

Orton throws to Frank Summers for nothing. Orton then throws a long one to Watkins and this goes incomplete. This ball was not thrown badly and Watkins should have had it. Now we are at third down and 11 and we need a big time play from Orton to keep this good looking, for the most part, drive going.


Orton finds Chris Hogan for a huge gain and before anyone can say, “yes”, Hogan gets tackled and fumbles the ball!

Minnesota would recover and what looked like a game that would be a certain win, was looking like anything…but!

The Vikings, starting on their 10, would again move the ball with precision. A great 20 yard run by FB Jerome Felton would help them once again look sharp against our defense. Bridgewater completed 2 passes and the Vikings were now on the Bills 47 yard line.

Finally our defense woke up with Marcell Dareus getting a sack, but on the next play Mckinnon would run for 8 hard earned yards. Luckily on third down Bridgewater throws to no one as the Bills put decent pressure on him and they had to punt.

On the punt, the Bills would once again be called for a penalty and our next drive would start at our 4 yard line.
The Bills would start to move with Fred Jackson getting 4. Orton would miss Watkins and on third down Fred comes to the rescue and catches a well thrown ball for the first down.

We look like we are onto something again.


After a good run by Boobie Dixon for 5, Orton would find Woods who would fumble it just like Chandler from the last drive.

Minnesota recovers.

This was starting to get so bad the fans were now BOOING!

The Vikings would not get a first down and because of this fumble were already in field goal range.  Their kicker, Blair Walsh would nail a 40 yard field goal and the Vikings were up 3-0.

C.J. Spiller, who has been struggling for weeks at running back, was back to return this kickoff. He also had been struggling at returning kicks, which I thought from day 1 of seeing this that it was not the way to use him. Spiller would take a blow here and limp off. I have mentioned that using him at kick returns can come back to haunt the Bills and it did here with him limping off and not able to come out immediately to play on offense.

The Bills would get the ball and go three and out. On the third down play the worst happened for the Bills. Fred Jackson would run and got tackled very hard. One of our all-time favorites was down and in pain.

Jackson has been so unbelievable durable playing nearly every game from the time he was a rookie. He would be carted off and now the Bills would be handicapped without him.



The next drive by the Vikings would be another penalty craze that just goes on and on just like the Energizer Bunny!

It starts with a defensive holding penalty on Nigel Bradham and then another offsides penalty by Manny Lawson. If that all was not ridiculous enough, on fourth and 1 the Vikings went for it and the Bills got caught for…12 men on the field!

No one is talking about all this. This writer is!! I want everyone to know that this is beyond incredulous for a team to be having penalties like this. It’s occurring at key times too!! Marrone has had a pass on this and he and his coaches have to be called out big time!!

The Vikings would easily continue their drive, but then a mistake by their rookie quarterback would hurt them. On third down he threw a pass that was intercepted by Mckelvin.

Everyone wanted our offense to put it in gear…with no mistakes.


Orton would throw a “duck” on first down. It was not even close. Yes, there were a lot of Bills fans, including this writer…quacking at him!

Finally the Bills offense seemed to get serious and after a run by Dixon of 7, Orton found Chris Hogan, who held onto the ball this time for a first down.

Orton would throw the next 2 downs that resulted in a loss of 1. On third down, it was duck season and the Bills would punt!

BOOO could be heard throughout Western NY!

Teddy Bridgewater would throw another one to Mckelvin again and as bad as the Bills were playing, Bridgewater looked bad too with giving it right back to us.

On the Vikings 26, Orton finally made the Vikings pay with a beauty to Watkins that resulted in a quick Touchdown. Carpenter booted the extra point perfectly and it was 7-3.

Now the fans had something to cheer about.


The Vikings would respond with a 5 play, 60 yard drive that was capped off by a 4 yard pass from Bridgewater to Cardarrelle Patterson. With the extra point by Walsh being good it was a now 10-7 Vikings lead.



The Bills immediately went back at it and Orton hit Watkins for a first down. Then C.J. ran the way we wanted him to for so long and ran for a huge gain.


C.J. who was limping earlier, now fell on his shoulder and was down. He would be carted off just like Jackson earlier. The Bills now had lost Fred and C.J.



The Bills would go nowhere from there and had to settle for a Dan Carpenter field goal of 31 yards. It was now 10-10.

With the fans going crazy, the Bills defense stepped up and forced a 3 and out. Mario Williams had a great sack on third down.

The Bills would have the momentum and would drive down the field nicely. 2 catches for first downs by Watkins was the key plays on the drive.


In field goal range and with all the momentum, Orton would throw a duck to Woods then throw a very accurate ball…to the Vikings and the drive was over!

Kyle Orton had cost us 2 times where we could have scored easily. He did this over and over in the previous game against the Patriots and now here we go again!

The Vikings would make that hurt with their next drive that culminated in a 55 yard field goal being good for a 13-10 lead.

The players were headed to the locker rooms and the fans were booing again!

The Bills would come out and without C.J. or Fred, the first 2 plays were runs by Dixon for a total of three yards. I was wishing we had dressed Bryce Brown. On third down, Orton threw a short pass to Hogan and it was not even close to the first down marker. 3 and out!

Yes, I was joining the fans…BOOOOOOO!!!

The Bills defense stiffened led by a sack from Jerry Hughes who played the best on defense all game.

The Bills would start to move again with big chunks aided by a holding penalty on the Vikings. Dixon ran for 11 to the Vikings 29, then a screen pass to him for 9. Frank Summers then ran for a first down. It was looking good!


Orton would go back to pass, and got sacked and lost the ball on the way down. The Vikings would recover.

That would now be 3 scores that Orton would cost us due to his very bad play! This would match the three counted against the Patriots in previous game.  That would total 6 scores in the last 2 games! 

The Bills would have 3 fumbles and 1 interception in this one! WOW

You know where I am going…

The Bills defense would again save the day and force the Vikings to punt.

Our Offense, led by Orton would do nothing on the next important drive and on third and 5, Orton would take a sack.

Punt time!

The Vikings would once again put it in gear, and with nice runs by Mckinnon and passes by Bridgewater, they would get to the Bills 20. The Bills would get a couple of nice sacks by Dareus and hughes and the Vikings would have to settle for a 33 yard field goal. It was now 16-10.

The Bills would answer with getting 2 first downs on the next drive but then going nowhere after and having to punt.

It was now up to our defense to stop the Vikings.

With time running down the Bills defense did just that and the Vikings would punt the ball away.

This would be it…we had a chance!
The next two plays had 2 completions and a first down. Orton threw one out of bounds and another to Watkins for a critical 19 yard gain and we were on the 50 yard line.


Orton would get sacked AGAIN. Boobie Dixon just allowed the defender to go by him like he was not there. Here is where Fred Jackson would especially be missed! 

It was second and 17.

Orton throws to Chandler and he dropped it. Should have been caught!

Third and 17.

Orton unbelievably takes a sack AGAIN!

Fourth and 20!

It looks and feels real bad!

This is it…

Orton finds Chandler for a huge first down. Orton has cost us big time but came through on this make or break fourth down play.



The Bills were on the Viking 24 yard line. 

On First down Orton throws a long one to Watkins and it’s nearly intercepted. Actually, it should have been. Sammy knocked it down as it was going to go straight in the hands of a Viking player. Orton would have needed a bodyguard for protection. It would continue to be bad as the Bills are called for holding.


Seantrel Henderson, who like most of our offensive line, has been struggling, was the one caught here. The penalties never stop for our team!

With less than a minute to go, it’s now second and 15. Orton finds Hogan and its now third and 2. 

Orton completes a beauty to Sammy Watkins for the first down.

The Bills are on the Vikings 20.

It’s getting exciting!!!!!

10 seconds to go!

Orton throws it…nowhere!

Second and 20!

Orton goes back and throws it to the 2 yard line and Chris Hogan jumps up and grabs it. What a catch!!!



The Bills with no timeouts rush to the line to spike it!

7 seconds!!!

Vikings call a timeout

Were talking one last play!


Orton goes back and throws it to Sammy Watkins who snatches it in for the Touchdown!!

It’s tied!!



Carpenter’s kick is…GOOD!!


Were up 17-16.

One final kickoff and with no time left the Vikings keep passing it back in their hope to get one guy open…


Duke Williams hits the one with the ball and he goes down like he was hit by a torpedo and we WIN!!!!

What a game!

The Bills had so many penalties and turnovers and somehow still won the game. Kyle Orton is tough to figure out. He costs us points over and over but in this one had some good moments and came through when we needed in that last drive. Our Defense allowed 158 yards on the ground but stiffened when we needed with huge plays by Jerry Hughes. Our Offensive line has been criticized, but Orton has to take some of the blame with his inability to run away from players and taking sacks. We will now be without C.J. and Fred and it’s time to bring on Bryce Brown. This writer has been calling for this guy since the first game. Watch how the offensive line looks better in the upcoming weeks. Bryce is that good and it has been a shame having him not even dress for games. This game was so much about our superstar receiver Sammy Watkins. He had the type of game that helps teams far into the playoffs!. We need to get him the ball, eliminate the mistakes and similar results will be had!

Hey were 4 and 3 and its time to play better if we really want to make the playoffs.

Bring on those Jets!