Unnecessary Penalties, on the NFL

No matter how much I have ever questioned the National Football League’s off-field integrity and issues, I have always been able to find solace within the game itself.

Sports are often seen as a microcosm of society, but also a distraction from it as well. Fans find a reason to forget about their problems within the white lines of a football field, even if it’s just for a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

However, recently it seems that when a yellow flag flies within those white lines on that Sunday afternoon, we are reminded of injustice, inconsistency, unexplained choice and a lack of accountability.

Comcast has reported that NFL penalties are up more than two a game. The increase is positive in the realm of protecting players and avoiding injury, a necessary step to the longevity of the league itself. The negative; however, lies in the petty calls made by overanxious refs.

At a time where players are getting more and more attention for beating their wives and kids, let’s let the boys play-- thats what they should be getting attention for.

The NFL is an entertainment business though it seems the players are not allowed to entertain. Excessive celebration? There should be no such thing, or at the very least enforced minimally, only when actually negatively impacting the game.

Allowing no contact past five yards by a cornerback or receiver seems fundamentally against the spirit of football. Protecting players is a must, but until research shows that a brush of the hand is cause of a high amount of injury this shouldn’t be a problem. The calls are not only petty, but also random. They are consistently inconsistent.  

Growing up as a Bills fan, I have often had much to be angry about, the neverending disappointments and under performances to generally name a few. The referees have added to that as of late, an unacceptable precedent.   

Between domestic abuse, hiding of evidence and drug abuse it seems I find a new reason every week to avoid the NFL. Now the reasons are being played out right in front of me on national television.  

I lost respect for myself after continuing to watch football following the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations. I lost more respect for myself after continuing to watch football after Roger Goodell’s press conference (or lack thereof). I am hoping, possibly even begging, that the NFL doesn’t continue to give me yet another reason to regret tuning in.