Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots Week 6 Recap

This game was the one you really wanted more than any other if you were a true blue Bills fan. For so many years we have been handled like a practice game for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Their coach, Bill Belichick has haunted us ever since our first Super Bowl appearance where he was the mastermind that slowed our “no Huddle” offense down just enough for the Giants to come out victorious.



As a coach he has played us like fools ever since. 

This was our time to change all that. We were at home on the day that Terry Pegula was announced to the crowd as the new Bills owner.



Pegula then said a few words and the fans were going nuts!

We had a defense that was considered one of the best and the Patriots were struggling on the offensive line.

The only questions were on offense where Kyle Orton seemed to do enough right to warrant keeping the change to him from EJ.
I had wrote that as long as he manages the game, throws enough good passes and does not hurt us, then with the talent he has around him, we should be fine.  That seemed to work in our prior game. 

This would be the patriots though.

It was time to play the Patriots.

Spiller is back to retrieve the ball. This is and has been a continued joke. Most balls are kicked out of the end zone so instead of readying himself as our starter, he needs to waste time doing this. Then if he does run out the potential for injury is high. He was hurt doing this a few games ago. He did have one beautiful run all the way for a TD against Miami, but that’s not close to happening now and it seems to be effecting his game as our running back too. 

The ball sails out of the end zone and we start on our 20. Spiller runs backwards for a 3 yard loss. I cannot stress enough how much this guy has changed. We either run him straight up the middle for no gains or to the outside where he seems lost!

The bills decide to add Anthony Dixon in the first series and he carries for 3. Why the Bills choose to ignore Bryce Brown is beyond any comprehension. Then Orton’s first pass is thrown to woods and it looks like a wounded duck!

Hey, where is Mike Williams? In this huge game, our coach decides to not have him play. What the heck is going on! Our starting wide receiver, the one who can jump to the sky if needed to catch a ball, is not needed in this one! Pegula should have been outraged!

What a way to start! I hope Pegula had watched the Apprentice (See my article on that), as we need a team that wants to be number one and recognizes the importance of moving the ball down the field and scoring on their first series, especially in this big one!

 Colton Schmidt punts to Julian Edelman, and Duke Williams immediately tackles him. I really like this guy as I have written. This game would have him now starting on defense with Da’Norris Searcy not playing.

Here we go…Brady comes out and our defense looks ready. Brady passes to local boy Rob Gronkowski, for an easy seven. Duke Williams was on him and it seemed like a pick play. Then a run by their running back Steven Ridley and our Mario Williams looks awesome and this results in a 3 yard loss. 
Now it’s third down.
This would be where we want to see our defense take them out!

But Brady calmly passes to Gronkowski for a pickup of 10 yards and a first down! How can they do this so easily?



The Patriots are in “no huddle” mode which is so smart with not allowing us to rotate our lineman like the bills so often do.

Then we put it in gear and the next three plays have Brady missing two passes and Kyle Williams making a nice tackle on their run.

Ok, we did what was needed on the second series. Now it’s time to take over as the crowd is back into it.

The next series has Spiller running for 6 and then Orton completing his first pass to Woods for a first down. Now were moving.

Then another duck is thrown to Jackson and Dixon runs on second down for 5. On third down Orton finds TE Chris Chandler for a 16 yard gain. This looked promising.

Dixon then runs for only 1, then Spiller for nothing. The Bills have to be one of the most conservative teams. The Patriots, with a banged up offensive line, are throwing and going “no huddle’’ and were running on first and second down! Then on third down when everyone and their mother knows we need to throw, Orton throws another one of what is becoming known to this writer as a “DUCK! 

Time to punt. What a disappointment!

Brady finds Gronkowsky who seemingly cannot be covered on another third down. This was becoming troubling. The Bills would continue to seemingly lose our pass rush and Brady finds Edelman for a huge 15 yard gain.
Brady continues to look awesome with an easy 6 yard pass to Ridley, who then runs for 3. With a third and one…the Bills defense steps up and Brandon Spikes, the former Patriot makes a huge tackle. Time to punt…but wait…a flag!!
It’s on Jerry Hughes. Unsportsmanlike conduct is the call.


The replay shows him going up to his teammates, who just tackled the ball carrier and simply celebrating with them! This was a joke and was a huge bad call!

Automatic first down…Thank you Refs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This huge call results in the patriots moving down the field and attempting a field goal. Their kicker Stephen Gostkowski though misses it. This had his streak of 22 now over.
The Bills needed that after that terrible call by the refs.

It was time to get this party started. I keep saying we need to start playing but it had not happened.



Orton hits Jackson on first down for 8. Good…were throwing on first down! Then he does it again to Chandler for 17. YES!!!

Then Orton throws right into the hands of the Patriots linebacker, Jamie Collins. 
What a huge mistake! With all, finally, going good, Orton kills us with this momentum shifter. You cannot do this against any team let alone the Patriots!

Brady would make us suffer.

Pass to Edelman for 8. Then another penalty on the Bills and it makes it even easier as Brady finds Edelman for 13 more. Notice the same names are being thrown to over and over. Why the Bills could not cover these guys was beyond belief. Gilmour would be the man on him and like so many times, Gilmour just cannot cover.

The Patriots were on the move.

A reverse has Edelman fooling our defense for an easy 10. It’s the same as so many years of playing the Patriots. When Brady decides to take over…its over.

Brady then throws a bomb to Edelman and it goes incomplete in the end zone.
Duke Williams, the guy I really like, made a terrible decision to blast Edelman out of bounds, before the ball got there. It would be first down on the one! OH NO!!!

The Patriots still will not do what is expected and run for this one yard. Brady instead does the unexpected and passes for an easy one yard touchdown to Tim Wright. What a team! We can only wish that Pegula will see all this, along with watching the Apprentice, and make the changes to allow us to be…like the Patriots!
7 – 0!



It would get worse!

Spiller returns it to the 14, but a flag on us would put it back on our 3. Guess what our conservative team will do from our own 3, down by 7!

RUN, RUN, PASS. Sounds like the old days of football! The runs go nowhere and Orton’s pass…not even close!
Are you watching Terry Pegula?

The Bills defense would start to make plays and Jerry Hughes would get a sack and the next 2 plays would be stopped. The defense did what they needed to.

On our own 33, Jackson would run for 3, then again for a first down. Fred Jackson knows the pain from so many of these years of losing against this team, and ran hard for the first down.
Another run by Dixon then Orton finds Chandler, like before, for a nice 27 yard gain.
 Orton then throws a duck then another to Chandler for first down. The inconsistency of Orton was starting to become apparent!

Chandler was having his best day with 4 catches all going for first downs. What was very apparent was Sammy Watkins was not being thrown to.

He was going up against one of the best in Darrelle Revis, but he is one of our best and needs to be thrown to. Orton would look away from wherever Sammy was. This was unbelievable! Our best receiver is not being thrown to and our next best, Mike Williams is not even dressed…Reality Check Please!

The Bills were on the 10 yard line of the Pats and Jackson ran to the 7. Orton would find Woods for the Touchdown and with Carpenter’s extra point; we were tied 7-7.



It was good, bad, good, bad…etc. with Orton. My feeling after watching this was he is no better that EJ. EJ would though be learning. I hoped Orton would not get worse.

The Pats next series would get wild. With the crowd going crazy this was now our time to take over.
The defense stopped them and on third and 7 Brady throws to Gronkowski and he catches it but Duke Williams immediately knocks it away. What a great play by Duke. Yes, he made a huge mistake earlier, but he is a rookie who has not played as a starter, and here he showed that he can make plays. He had been making plays all day on special teams. The referee though would say that Gronkowski had the ball long enough and it was a catch. Here we go again.

Marrone challenges the call and it was obvious that it was incomplete. The refs got it right and the Pats would punt.

With just a few minutes to go until halftime, this would be the time of all times to see what Kyle Orton is made of. This was the moment we needed him to manage our team, use the talented players around him, make good passes and to not make mistakes.

On the Bills first play, Orton would go back to pass and with Patriots DE Chandler Jones on him, Orton would fumble the ball! So many will blame our offensive line that had been struggling, but he FUMBLED! It was one of those plays that you see and say…So glad it’s not our team. But it was!

Kyle Orton was hurting us!!!!!

The Pats would move down the field and settle for a 42 yard field goal with less than 2 minutes remaining in the half.

It would get worse before half.

The Bills would get the ball back and after 2 plays of nothing, Orton would go back to pass and get sacked.

Marv Levy used to mention that whoever can score last before the half was over has a huge momentum advantage.

Thanks to Kyle Orton, The Patriots were given gifts from an interception and fumble from him.

The Bills defense would stop the Pats on the next series and with only 29 seconds to go, the Bills had a chance to do something before halftime. 
Orton though was told to just hand off, which he did to Spiller, who ran and did another one of those unthinkable things…
Another gift before halftime to the Patriots!

CJ has also become a liability and is now costing us. I have said this over and over…bring Bruce Brown in!

The Pats would score another Field goal from this mistake and it was now 13-7 at halftime.

This was painful!  The Patriots had scored all 13 points off turnovers. It was like Christmas and the Bills were Santa!

The Pats would receive the ball and if you were hoping that Marrone’s halftime speech would make this any better, you would be wrong.

Brady takes the Patriots down the field with ease, culminated with a great pass to WR Brian Tyms for a 43 yard touchdown. The Patriots came out from halftime and went 80 yards in only 6 plays.



It was now getting out of hand at 20-7. The crowd, which included new owners Terry and Kim Pegula had to be in disbelief!

The Bills would answer with decent runs by Jackson and help from an interference call on the Pats which gave the Bills a first down. A decent throw to Woods would get another first.
Then more running on first and second down! OH Boy!!

On third and 11, Orton would find his only true connection on this day with a good pass and catch to Chandler for another first down.

After Fred Jackson runs for 1, Orton throws his FIRST pass to Sammy Watkins who catches it on the Pats 2 yard line. Wow our best receiver got a ball thrown to him in the third quarter and he catches it. Maybe someone should re-think the game plan!

Jackson would run it in and the Bills were now down 20-14.



The crowd was back and I thought…Maybe just maybe!!!

It was still a game.  It was time for one of those magical moments to happen as I had been wanting over and over throughout this one.

The Pats receive the kick and now Brady goes back to work.
He immediately throws a bomb to guess who…Gronkowski and it’s incomplete with good coverage by Duke Williams.
Again on Duke, but this time it there was no way this was a flag!  Oh you would hear so many say how bad Duke played but in reality no cornerback played very well and Duke made some good plays too! He also played out of his mind good on special teams!

The refs were back in it just at the time we needed a fair game.

Then Ridley would get the handoff and as he went down he fumbled. Hughes grabbed  the ball and ran all the way for the score. Problem here was he was down before he fumbled. Oh baby that could have changed the game!

Instead the Pats were faced with a third and 15 and our defense steps up to the plate and Brady’s pass goes incomplete.

Another field goal by Goskowski and the Pats go up 23-14.

The Bills would now be on Offense and it was time to counter.

Orton to Woods and it’s a nice gain but…flag! The Refs were not going to make anything easy! This one was on Seldom used, Sammy Watkins. Replay shows him doing…nothing that is not done by every other team on any given play! I could not believe it!

Orton would get his composure back and throw to Chris Hogan who made a nice catch. Flag!! This was a payback call by refs as they called the Pats for facemask.

Orton then would throw his second pass to Watkins, but Sammy was out of bounds. The next throw to Woods would cause another flag. This one was on Woods for pushing off.  This was another questionable call to say the least. I never want to blame refs for deciding games but this one had calls that were simply outrageous! The Bills would be in field goal range and it was a critical third and twenty.

Orton went back to pass and…he got sacked. Instead of throwing the ball out of bounds, he took this sack that would take us out of field goal range. This would be another time where Orton would simply hurt us. The Patriots only rushed 3 guys and yes, our offensive line was not doing a good job, but Orton could not take this sack and he did!

The next series would have the Pats wanting to put this game away. Brady would complete an easy one to Edelman for a first down and then Hughes would be flagged for roughing the passer and we were simply losing control. Penalties have hurt us all season and with the refs looking for anything we do in this one, it was even worse when we did actually do stupid ones like this.

Brady would move the ball down the field with crisp passes and another penalty went against Leodis Mckelvin. Our cornerbacks struggled all day. On third and 19 Brady did what he does like no one else, and found Brandon LaFell for an 18 yard touchdown. This was a 12 play 80 yard drive and with the extra point, it was now 30-14.

It again seemed like we were toast!

The Bills, to their credit, did not give up and Orton would drive them with key throws and catches along the way for an 8 play 80 yard drive. This was culminated by Orton passing to Chris Hogan for a very nice looking touchdown.



The Bills would go for the 2 point conversion and were successful with Orton throwing to Woods.

Its a ballgame again!

It would now be up to our defense to stop the Patriots who were doing anything they wanted, it seemed in this second half.

Brady would continue his magic and with precise throws, he moved the Pats down the field again. This was so disappointing!

Brady finalizes this drive with a fabulous 56 yard pass to Brandon LaFell for yet another touchdown with only 2:49 left to play. With the extra point it was now 37-22.

No matter what the Bills did positively on offense, the Pats always came back and scored.
The Bills would do nothing in the last minutes and this very important game for the Bills was over.
The Bills were always chasing the Patriots in this one and it was a game where you saw the Patriots do what they have done for years…completely outplay us and win.

Kyle Orton is a veteran backup quarterback playing as a starter. You can see him do many things well and many things awful. He hurt us mightily in this game and when that happens to the extent it did here, decisions have to be made as EJ was taken out for many of these same reasons.

Our offensive line was terrible and this has to be addressed. We had no running success and it’s time to see what Bryce Brown can do. Not making it a point to throw to Sammy Watkins was a huge error and not dressing Mike Williams was simply mind boggling.

Our defensive line had a terrible day in the second half when they really were needed. Brady had a field day against our defensive backs that played their worst game by far.

For us true blue Bills fan, this one hurts real bad.

Another loss to the Patriots…the pain continues!